February 2013

A Crash Course in AdWords Enhanced Campaigns

Google recently rolled out a new initiative for AdWords called Enhanced Campaigns. Providing you with the ability to manage bids across devices, locations, and time of day (a first for paid search campaigns), this is definitely a feature you’ll want to take advantage of. Here’s a crash course in Enhanced Campaigns: Key Features: Multi-Device Bidding […]

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Marketers Are Changing Their Social Strategies. Are You?

  Social media has become an integral part of most brands’ digital presence. We’ve known for some time that consumers expect to find familiar brands on the social platforms they use and like to research new brands on social networks as well. The importance of available customer service, responsiveness, and the ability to address a […]

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Top 5 Articles of the Week – Feb. 22, 2013

What Twitter’s Ad API Really Means for Social Advertising Twitter is currently gearing up to launch their Ads API sometime in Q1, which is big news for advertisers and agencies. Like Facebook Ads API, the new Twitter ads API allow large advertiser and social advertising companies to create customized campaigns at scale. AdWeek has more Don’t […]

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Advanced Retail Retargeting

When retargeting is introduced, it is most often described as a marketing solution for ecommerce. Regularly explained using the Zappos use-case — you visit Zappos, look at a pair of shoes, and after abandoning your purchase you begin to see shoe ads all over the web — it’s no surprise that retargeting is associated with […]

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Retargeting for Today’s Connected Consumer

Today’s consumer is more connected than ever. With increasing access to Internet at home and on the go, people are able to find the information they want whenever and wherever. With that shift comes a significant change in shopping behavior. Consumers want to know more before they buy—even for relatively small purchases—because that information is […]

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Top 5 Articles of the Week – Feb. 15, 2013

The Rise Of Programmatic Branding In RTB (Real Time Bidding) Long assumed to be a tool primarily for direct advertisers, brands are beginning to recognize the potential of programmatic buying. (A hot topic that ReTargeter has written about previously.) Read the rest on Search Engine Land Where Brands Go Wrong With Content Content marketing is […]

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Case Study – The Valley Health System

Millions of people in the world, but how do you find the right talent, at the right time, and for the right price? Since May of 2014, TMP Worldwide and Valley Health Systems partnered with ReTargeter to deliver active and passive candidates to the VHS Career Site. Leveraging intricate data and analytics, these campaigns optimized […]

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