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Top 5 Articles of the Week – Feb. 15, 2013

The Rise Of Programmatic Branding In RTB (Real Time Bidding)

Long assumed to be a tool primarily for direct advertisers, brands are beginning to recognize the potential of programmatic buying. (A hot topic that ReTargeter has written about previously.)

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Where Brands Go Wrong With Content

Content marketing is becoming ever more important for SEO, and accordingly is rapidly increasing in popularity. But a lot of brands are getting it wrong, and Digiday has four of the top reasons why.

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Video: Why and How You’ll Be Using It in 2013

Online video has rapidly become the darling of many marketers’ digital strategies. In 2013, ecommerce sites should look for new ways to use video to draw in and engage users.

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SEO & PPC: Friends with Benefits

When it comes to driving traffic, some marketers are in firmly in one of two camps: SEO or PPC. But as some other marketers know, SEO and PPC work better together.

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Are You Prepared for Visual Social Media Marketing?  

To win big in social media, you have to speak to what your followers want, and more and more, social media users are engaging primarily with visual content.

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Case Study: BattlBox

BattlBox sends monthly packages of personally handpicked survival, tactical, and EDC items of the highest quality. Having amassed a large buying power early on, they are now delivering items to their customers at typically half of what their customers would pay if they bought them on their own. Founded in February 2015, they armed themselves […]

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