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Advanced Retail Retargeting

Advanced Retail Retargeting

When retargeting is introduced, it is most often described as a marketing solution for ecommerce. Regularly explained using the Zappos use-case — you visit Zappos, look at a pair of shoes, and after abandoning your purchase you begin to see shoe ads all over the web — it’s no surprise that retargeting is associated with retail.

Even retailers, however, are missing out on advanced retargeting techniques, namely Facebook Exchange, email and CRM retargeting, that will maximize site visits and increase conversions.

Facebook Ads

Using the Facebook Exchange and Facebook ads in combination can be highly successful for retailers.

As we’ve previously explained, the Facebook Exchange, or FBX, is Facebook’s real-time bidding platform. It’s the only place on Facebook where advertisers can serve retargeted ads, or ads based on previous browsing history. Facebook ads, on the other hand, are native within the Facebook platform and allow you to promote page posts, get more page likes, or get creative and target the right user with your product or service.

Recently, Nanigans conducted a study which revealed that customers who were first shown a Facebook API ad followed by a FBX ad resulted in 89% more sales revenue than with customers just targeted solely via FBX or the Facebook Ads API. While the API is limited to preferred partners, the effectiveness of reaching your customers in multiple places still applies. In the same way you want your brand to be at the top of both organic and paid search, you want your brand to be visible through Facebook via ads and the Facebook Exchange. This reassures today’s connected consumer that your brand is legitimate, offers what prospects are looking for, and ultimately, eases their purchase process.

Email and CRM Retargeting

In addition to capitalizing on Facebook, retailers should incorporate other advanced techniques like email and CRM retargeting into their online marketing strategy. Email retargeting gives retailers the opportunity to supplement their email marketing campaigns with online display advertising. This can be highly instrumental during sales, special offers, and to bring customers back after they’ve abandoned their shopping cart. With 77% of people preferring to receive promotional materials via email over any other channel, retailers can’t afford to ignore email retargeting.

Similarly, CRM retargeting, a highly innovative retargeting technique that allows you to serve display ads to people with nothing but an email or mailing address, gives retailers the opportunity to expand their cookie pool and reach consumers during all stages of the purchase funnel. For example, if you’re a brick-and-mortar store, you can improve the effectiveness of catalogs by also serving display ads to your mailing list. Take the data you have from phone or in-store purchase habits to show your offline customers the right ads when they’re browsing online. Also, use CRM retargeting to re-engage customers who haven’t visited your store or website recently.


When it comes to retail retargeting, a mix of CRM, Email, and Facebook, along with traditional site retargeting, will increase brand awareness and ROI. Utilize these advanced retargeting techniques to ensure you attract a new audience and re-engage past customers.



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