Craft continuous experiences across unique contexts, formats and devices. ReTargeter’s direct integrations with Native, Video, Mobile and Audio supply give marketers the ability to incorporate a unique mix of media into one programmatic strategy.

Omni-Channel Programmatic


Captivate your audiences and amplify your brand strategy with meaningful narratives across multiple screens and viewing contexts.

  • Drive Brand Strategy
  • Deliver Complex Narratives
  • Quality & Scale


Every mobile device is something different and deeply personal to its owner. Build multi-screen advertising experiences that find your ideal users where they spend most of their time.

  • In-App
  • Mobile Web
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)


Reach listeners tuned into their favorite online-radio, streaming services and podcasts in real-time with audio messages and companion banners.

  • Active Audiences
  • Brand Reinforcement


Capture mindshare and drive engagement with in-feed and in-article ads seamlessly integrated into your customer’s favorite websites.

  • Editorial Look & Feel
  • Education
  • Engagement

Start ReTargeting the Right Way.