August 2013

Real-Time Bidding and Programmatic Progress

Have real-time bidding and programmatic become a part of your everyday vocabulary? We marketers are quick to adopt the latest industry jargon and rapidly insert it into our everyday work lives (optimization, KPIs, demand generation, and the like). Despite often …

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Top 5 Articles of the Week – August 16, 2013

What to Ask of Big Data to Inform Your Marketing Strategy

A successful marketing strategy is dependent on asking the right questions and analyzing the right data. Make sure you’re asking the right questions of big data analytics.

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LinkedIn For Advertisers: Finding the B2B Buyer

As prospects and customers continue spending their Internet-browsing time on social networks, B2B marketers are creating innovative ways to reach their target audiences. With 1.15 billion active Facebook users, 500 million Twitter users, and 238 million Linkedin users, it is …

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Top 5 Articles of the Week – August 9, 2013

Five Ways to Realize Greater Value from Programmatic Advertising

From premium inventory to goal setting to understanding the balance between automation and auto-pilot, this articles comprises a useful list of tips for making the most of programmatic.

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Twitter’s Ad Retargeting Tool: What Advertisers Need to Know

Twitter has been regularly making updates to its suite of ad products, so it came as no surprise when early this July retargeting was introduced as the next tool available to Twitter advertisers. Twitter plans to slowly roll-out this feature …

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5 No-Brainer Fixes for Your Neglected Facebook Page

A lot of companies are investing resources in launching Facebook pages – and for good reason: They’re a great cost-effective way to stay in touch with customers, spark loyalty and stay top of mind. But they only work when used …

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Case Study – Watters

Watters Logo | ReTargeter

Watters is the brainchild of designer Vatana Watters. For over 30 years, it has been the leader in offering luxurious designer bridal gowns, innovative bridesmaids dresses, classic special occasion dresses for mothers of the wedding, and adorable dresses for flower …

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