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Top 5 Articles of the Week – August 9, 2013

Five Ways to Realize Greater Value from Programmatic Advertising

From premium inventory to goal setting to understanding the balance between automation and auto-pilot, this articles comprises a useful list of tips for making the most of programmatic.

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War of the Screens: Digital Passes TV as a Time Suck for the 1st Time Ever

“Since 2010, mobile use has grown three times faster than the decline in radio, newspaper, magazine, and TV combined.” What does this mean for publishers and advertisers?

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New Study Shows Inflection Point for Brands Using Data Driven Marketing Efforts For More Than Display Targeting

Data-driven marketing is proving more than just the latest marketing buzzword. Data as it relates to marketing efforts is becoming increasingly important across all initiatives, not just display.

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The Most (and Least) Effective Keywords in Email Subject Lines

“Free Delivery”, “Weekly”, “Learn” — in a study from British marketing firm Adestra the results for the best and worst keywords in email subject lines are in. Which will you use in your email marketing?

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SEO Ranking Factors: Is Social Media Part of the Mix?

Though hardly a new development, social influence is continuing to play an important role in SEO. In this new infographic form Search Metrics, social signals are broken down by order of importance.

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Case Study: Hireology

Hireology is an HR software provider that helps companies make smarter hiring decisions. By analyzing the traits of high performing employees, Hireology can help companies find candidates that are more likely to succeed in the long term. To reach the elusive HR buyer, Hireology primarily relies upon content marketing to drive inbound interest. The content […]

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