July 2013

Why Content Marketers Can’t Ignore Google Plus

Content has quickly proven to be a must-have weapon in every marketer?s arsenal. In addition to serving as a way to leverage your knowledge and develop your reputation as a thought leader, content reigns supreme for SEO. Though, this was …

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5 Keys to Building Your Brand in the Digital Realm

Banner advertisements have long been used for direct response campaigns, urging people to “Click Now!?” or take advantage of a timely deal. But digital marketing, and specifically display advertising, can be about more than just generating immediate clicks. Marketers now …

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Top 5 Articles of the Week – July 12, 2013

Marketing at the Speed of Digital Culture — How Programmatic Approaches Can Help

As marketers strive for real-time marketing — the Oreo Superbowl blackout tweet, for example — organizations must embrace programmatic for utmost efficiency, and to free up human …

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The Latest Internet Marketing Trends

Marketing is a dynamic field and effort — constantly evolving and never resting. And 2013 is no exception to this rule. Many exciting new trends are causing digital advertisers to scramble to keep up with marketing Joneses.

Innovation, not stagnation, …

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How Retargeting Fits Into Your Marketing Strategy

The practice of retargeting, serving display ads to people who have previously engaged with your brand, is a highly effective marketing technique. However, it is easy to forget that retargeting serves as a valuable component of an integrated marketing strategy, …

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8 Best Practices for Running a Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting is a powerful digital marketing technique when campaigns are run correctly. We recommend the following best practices to help ensure you craft retargeting campaigns that result in the brand lift and ROI you may have heard about:

1. Frequency …

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Case Study – Watters

Watters Logo | ReTargeter

Watters is the brainchild of designer Vatana Watters. For over 30 years, it has been the leader in offering luxurious designer bridal gowns, innovative bridesmaids dresses, classic special occasion dresses for mothers of the wedding, and adorable dresses for flower …

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