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How Retargeting Fits Into Your Marketing Strategy

The practice of retargeting, serving display ads to people who have previously engaged with your brand, is a highly effective marketing technique. However, it is easy to forget that retargeting serves as a valuable component of an integrated marketing strategy, and will be most successful when used in conjunction with other efforts. Here’s how retargeting can easily fit into your marketing strategy:


As a marketer, you most likely use various channels to drive traffic, drive awareness, and help prospects discover your brand or service. The discovery phase includes any SEO, PPC, ad buys, content, events, emails, or other marketing outreach methods you may be utilizing to so that prospects can find you. The traffic you acquire as a result of these efforts is then taken to your site or a custom landing page, where you can hopefully capture and convert that user. Just because a user doesn’t convert, however, doesn’t mean they can’t now become a part of your online audience.

Audience Building

Every click you achieve through your top of funnel marketing activities can become a part of your online audience. Someone lands on your website, blog, or landing page as the result of clicking on a PPC ad, display ad, or even via search. But what happens if they don’t convert on the first visit? Bounced traffic doesn’t have to be the end of the line.


Put simply, retargeting is the practice of serving display ads to people who have previously engaged with your brand. This technology proves highly effective in bringing back bounced traffic, and allowing you to amplify all of the marketing channels you utilize. From PPC ad to landing page to bounce, retargeting capitalizes on that initial audience building to build brand awareness and nurture leads down the funnel. Bounced traffic, abandoned lead forms and shopping carts┬ácan become a part of the purchase funnel when you incorporate retargeting into your marketing mix.┬áRetargeting lets you serve retargeted display ads that are both relevant and engaging based on a user’s past behavior to ensure your brand stays top of mind. This is incredibly effective particularly while consumers are in the consideration and evaluation phases. Retargeting is a re-engagement strategy that quickly encourages users to move to the next phase: Conversions.


A conversion is the desired action you want a user to take as a result of a particular marketing campaign. Based on the various goals you can set for each marketing activity, a conversion action can range from anything from a white paper download, signing up for a webinar you are hosting, or actually making a purchase. As you strive to implement an integrated marketing strategy across channels, you don’t want to see your efforts wasted when a visitor doesn’t convert on a first visit.

When used properly, retargeting can effectively enhance your existing channels, and seamlessly fit into your marketing strategy. The sooner you begin considering retargeting as a tool that can be integrated across all of your marketing efforts and as part of a larger cross-channel marketing strategy, the more success you will have.



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