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5 Awesome Content Marketing Blogs to Keep Your Eye On

There are a number of great, well-known blogs in the content marketing space; Hubspot, Content Marketing Institute, and Copyblogger immediately come to mind. While they all provide great information, there are other, perhaps lesser known blogs that definitely need to be on your radar, too. These lesser known blogs can get down in the trenches […]

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Why You Should Be Facebook Retargeting This Holiday Season

From the Christmas decorations making their appearance while jack-o-lanterns were still on the shelves to the onslaught of holiday music that began around the same time, it seems like this year is no different from its predecessors; the holiday season has once again made an earlier-than-ever entrance. Has your online retargeting strategy kept up with […]

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The Pros and Cons of Twitter Retargeting

The process of turning site visits into conversions is the ultimate goal of any online marketer. Websites are created for a specific purpose, whether it’s to allow customers to communicate with your company, to make a purchase or to fulfill another objective, there’s a reason each site is created. However, once a website visit is […]

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5 Ways to Amplify Your Holiday Marketing Efforts

With the holidays right around the corner, retailers and service providers alike are revving up marketing efforts in anticipation of what the year will bring. It makes sense, each year, the amount of money spent between Thanksgiving and Christmas increases on exponential levels – 28% between 2011 and 2012 according to HubSpot, and that number […]

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Manage & Optimize Retargeting Campaigns Alongside Search, Social, Display & Mobile

ReTargeter is pleased to announce an upcoming app integration into the AdStage online advertising platform! Our upcoming app for AdStage will provide a single interface for you to build, manage and report on ad campaigns across ReTargeter, Google, Bing, Facebook & LinkedIn networks. AdStage is a self-serve online advertising platform with full management and analytics […]

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Google’s New Keyword Planner Tool and How it Impacts Marketers

The end of August saw the end of Google’s Keyword Tool, which has now been officially replaced by the Google Keyword Planner tool. Read Google’s official announcement. What are some differences you’ll find between the two? The New tool only gives you data for exact match keywords By default, the keyword is for all devices; you […]

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Case Study: Zendesk

Zendesk Logo | ReTargeter

Zendesk is a web based customer support software company with a pretty keen ticket management system and a strong customer community. Offering a variety of products from starting from a free trial to three paid tiers, Zendesk began using ReTargeter with the hopes of achieving a strong direct ROI, as well as obtaining additional branding. […]

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