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Why You Should Be Facebook Retargeting This Holiday Season

From the Christmas decorations making their appearance while jack-o-lanterns were still on the shelves to the onslaught of holiday music that began around the same time, it seems like this year is no different from its predecessors; the holiday season has once again made an earlier-than-ever entrance. Has your online retargeting strategy kept up with the pace? If not, utilizing the upgrades recently released by Facebook may be your best option for staying competitive as the holiday rush begins.

All brands, especially business to consumer brands, should take this into consideration when planning marketing strategies for the coming season. Trends matter; this is more apparent online than anywhere else, and they’re easier to track now than ever before. In a new Accenture report released last month, covered by Internet Retailer, it’s as clear as can be: 65% of shoppers plan to at least browse, if not shop, online this holiday season. Meanwhile, overall online holiday spending is expected to increase by 14% over 2012’s numbers. Consumers are looking to make educated purchasing decisions.

What qualifies as an educated purchasing decision? While retailers who advertise price matching and other marketing tactics would like to believe it comes down to the lowest price, this may not be the case. In most cases, online advertising accounts for 25% of U.S. business to consumer interaction. Consumers are most likely to purchase from the brands that they are exposed to and able to interact with. This is why retargeting may be more important than ever during this holiday season.

Facebook + CRM ReTargeting

ReTargeter’s CRM ReTargeting solution (on the FBX platform) is upping the ante for the 2013 holiday season.

The new solution allows brand marketers to utilize their current email customer lists by uploading them onto our site. From there, specific ads will be shown only to those Facebook users and not to others. The ads will also be shown to those users across the millions of sites across the open web.

The solution is straightforward and more streamlined than ever, which is exactly what a retargeting strategy for 2013 will need to be in order to see success.

The Importance of Going to Your Customers During the Holidays

You understand the chaos that accompanies everyday life. So do your customers. Faced with more responsibilities and duties than ever, and the same amount of time to complete them in, consumers are looking for convenience, especially with the stress that accompanies holiday shopping and the rush of the season. The last thing they need? More to remember, especially as it pertains to holiday shopping.

Avoiding the last-minute shopping routine is a top priority for your consumers and potential consumers. Anything that makes life easier for them will be appreciated. This is where retargeting comes into play throughout the holiday season. By reaching out to customers who have visited your site, not just in the last month – like brands that engage in traditional retargeting campaigns tend to do – but, in the last few months your odds of a conversion increase dramatically. Reminding customers of gifts they may have previously searched for or browsed, but forgotten about, you’re taking holiday shopping to them. It doesn’t get much easier than that from a consumer standpoint.

Sharing and How it Relates to Retargeting on Facebook

Facebook ReTargeting is different than retargeting on any other social network or website. Sharing specials with customers allows your company to take advantage of the holiday spotlight, while reaching out to a network of individuals that would otherwise stay in the “lost conversion” category.

Additionally, Facebook allows retailers to harness the power of sharing, but, not regular sharing – social — sharing that is truly limitless. Facebook’s users consist of 50% of the world’s active online users. If you’re attempting to reach a specific demographic, regardless of gender, age, location or belief system, you’re most likely to be more successful on Facebook than any other network. By combining this powerful statistic with the fact that Facebook allows users to share information with a single click that is automatically displayed to their networks (the average Facebook user has 190 friends). This allows for an exponential number of impressions for a typical, retargeted ad, which means more potential while the retailer pays for a single click.

It’s no secret that retargeting is one of the most effective ways to reach an online audience. However, using the Facebook ReTargeting solution in creative ways as an integral piece of your holiday marketing strategy may be the secret that puts your brand ahead of the competition this season.

Adrienne Erin is a blogger and internet marketer who helps all kinds of businesses succeed, from local brick and mortar stores to online retailers like Saffire. She spends the majority of her time writing (in both English and French!) but when she’s not, you might find her attempting to cook Asian food in her tiny kitchen.



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