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The Digital Campaign Landscape: The Final Push [INFOGRAPHIC]

The 2012 presidential election has seen unprecedented spending on online ads. We outlined campaigns’ online spending in an infographic back in May, and we followed up with another highlighting online spending by the Romney and Obama campaigns based on FEC spending data through October 2012.  

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The Final Push: Reaching the Right Voters with Online Ads

In the days and weeks leading up to November, campaigns must shift their focus from persuasion to targeted outreach and turn out. As with every aspect of the 2012 campaign season, online advertising will play a larger role in mobilization and getting out the vote than ever before. Reaching Likely Voters TV, though still a […]

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Top 5 Articles of the Week – Sept. 14, 2012

Here’s ReTargeter’s weekly roundup of the top articles in digital marketing: What Facebook’s Phone and Email Targeting Really Means The Most Important Question in Email Marketing Mitt Romney’s Digital Director Zac Moffatt: You Can’t Run A Political Campaign Without Digital How to Cultivate a Data-Driven Marketing Team How to Build an Authority Strategy for Your […]

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Debunking the Online Ad Shortage Myth

With election season in full swing, the presidential battle has made it to television, the airwaves, and online. Unlike previous elections, digital outreach has been, and will continue to be, a significant component of political ad spending. In fact, online ad spending by campaigns is predicted to reach a whopping $159 million by November. In light […]

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Four Tips for Taking Your Campaign Emails to the Next Level

A coherent email strategy is a key component of any political campaign. Emails keep supporters up to date, provide the rare opportunity for direct, unfiltered communication between the campaign and the voter, and are often a significant source of donations. However, just because you have a campaign email strategy doesn’t mean it’s a good one. For a […]

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Top Political Advertising Articles of the Week – June 1, 2012

Here’s ReTargeter’s weekly roundup of top articles in political advertising and tech: The Decline of Primetime Campaigns Dig Through Online Data to Target Voters Meet the Romney Campaign’s Official iPhone App Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to data on all ReTargeter news!

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Case Study: BattlBox

BattlBox sends monthly packages of personally handpicked survival, tactical, and EDC items of the highest quality. Having amassed a large buying power early on, they are now delivering items to their customers at typically half of what their customers would pay if they bought them on their own. Founded in February 2015, they armed themselves […]

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