Banner Ad Best Practices

5 of the Worst Ways to Annoy People with Your Ads

Retargeting has been proven time and time again to be one of the most effective ways of reaching a target audience. By reminding potential customers of their past interest in a product, service, or brand, advertisers are able to reach out and bring them back through the networks and sites they already frequent. Simple and […]

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Top 5 Articles This Week – January 21, 2014

B2B Marketing Budgets Set to Rise 6% in 2014: Forrester by Alex Kantrowitz of AdAge | B2B Marketing Budgets at b-to-b companies are set to rise 6% in 2014, according to a Forrester Research report released Tuesday. Despite that solid increase, spending will still trail pre-recession levels. 7 Ways You Should Have Advanced Your Digital Strategy in 2013 […]

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3 Simple A/B Tests to Optimize Your Banner Ads

A/B testing isn’t new to the digital marketing industry, and marketers in a variety of industries use it to improve email campaigns, web and landing pages, banner ads, and more. Marketing tests are incredibly powerful and particularly important for display advertisers. But even if you believe in the value of testing, the seemingly endless list […]

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5 Banner Ad Best Practices and Why You Should Ignore Them

As any seasoned display advertiser can tell you, one of the biggest determinants of a display campaign’s performance is creative. There are quite a few established best practices for designing successful banner ads, but not all of them should be taken as gospel. With design, it’s rare to find rules that are universally applicable. Depending […]

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7 Reasons Your Ads Aren’t Working

So you don’t think anyone clicks on banner ads anymore? Think again. People are drawn in by banners, just not bad banners. Many advertisers don’t invest in creative and as a result run unsuccessful ad campaigns. Before you decide to call it quits, revisit your display strategy and see if you’re committing any of the […]

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Aligning Your Ads and Landing Pages to Maximize Conversions

Banner ad design is an immensely popular topic among marketers. What makes banners clickable, what’s considered good design, why they’re important, and what metrics you should be looking at are just a few examples of posts you can find on the topic. While banner ads are an integral part of your display strategy, they are […]

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Case Study: BattlBox

Battlbox Logo | ReTargeter

BattlBox sends monthly packages of personally handpicked survival, tactical, and EDC items of the highest quality. Having amassed a large buying power early on, they are now delivering items to their customers at typically half of what their customers would pay if they bought them on their own. Founded in February 2015, they armed themselves […]

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