June 2011

Buy Domains, Redirect, and Drop Code Like it’s Hot

Thinking of a clever way to generate traffic and stay in front of your users? ReTargeter’s got you covered! Purchasing industry-related website domains and setting up a permanent redirect to your domain can help you gain authority and link equity. Try the following simple steps below to redirect customers back to your site, ReTargeter-style. Buy […]

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Retargeting For Events: ad:tech San Francisco

ad:tech is touted as “the event for digital marketing.” Their international series of conferences and exhibits for interactive advertising and technology scales across 7 countries and 9 cities throughout the year, and attracts some of the most accomplished keynote speakers, such as Ariana Huffington, Guy Kawasaki, and Antonio Lucio.     After using a retargeting […]

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7 Best Practices for Running a Retargeting Campaign

Running a retargeting campaign is a great way to bring your audience back to your website. In fact, we believe that retargeting is the best branding that you can buy with your advertising budget! Whether your goal is to increase audience engagement, build brand awareness, or focus on customer acquisition/activation, retargeting has proven to be […]

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3 Deep Thoughts for Retargeting Wizards

Retargeting is chess, not checkers. So now that you’re one level of sophistication beyond your already wicked-smart display ad campaigns, here are a few things to think about. Try dedicated creative for retargetingYou’re talking to an audience who winked at you but didn’t stay for dinner. If your aim is branding, it may be just […]

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View-Through Conversions: Don’’t Discount the ‘Billboard Effect’

Nike. Apple. Google. Our culture is all about brands, yet sometimes there is so much emphasis on conversions and ROI that the importance of branding is forgotten. On the flip side, billboard ads are all about branding. Rarely does a billboard entice someone to purchase a product immediately, but its presence makes a difference the […]

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A note from our CEO: Thank you for helping us continue to innovate

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement for our innovative partnerships! Today we are very excited to announce our latest partnership and product: ReTargeter Social with Meteor Solutions. Our solution enables brands to identify in real-time the key influencers and social audiences who share content from your site. This allows you to show custom […]

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Case Study: BattlBox

Battlbox Logo | ReTargeter

BattlBox sends monthly packages of personally handpicked survival, tactical, and EDC items of the highest quality. Having amassed a large buying power early on, they are now delivering items to their customers at typically half of what their customers would pay if they bought them on their own. Founded in February 2015, they armed themselves […]

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