November 2012

Top 5 Articles of the Week – Nov. 30, 2012

Here’s ReTargeter’s weekly roundup of the top articles in digital marketing: A Modest Proposal on ‘Viewable’ Ads A Marketer’s Cheat Sheet for Web Optimization Link Building 101 – The Almost Complete Link Guide Why Your Content Marketing Needs to Be More Active Basket Abandonment: Case Studies and Tips to Help Your Conversion Rates  Don’t forget […]

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Retargeting 101: Burn Pixel and Frequency Cap

Retargeting is a highly effective marketing tool that targets people who have already expressed interest in your site. It allows you to focus on the people who are in-market and remind them how great your product is or why going with your service is the right decision. When run correctly, retargeting can perform incredibly well […]

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How to Use Cross-Channel Marketing to Drive Conversions: Part 1

One of the most common pitfalls in marketing is working alone.  Especially in start-ups, marketing managers are often so strapped for time when launching their campaigns, they forget that a little collaboration goes a long way.  Working cross-functionally to promote individual campaign through other marketing channels keeps your brand’s messaging consistent and increases your return […]

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From Analytics to Action Part IV: Systematizing Customer Feedback

Welcome to the final installment of our series on going from analytics to action. We’ve covered how to establish a data-driven mindset within your marketing organization, how to derive insights from search behavior, and how to use A/B tests to learn even more about your customers. For our final installment, we’ll be covering data collection […]

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Top 5 Articles of the Week – Nov. 15, 2012

Here’s ReTargeter’s weekly roundup of the top articles in digital marketing: Real-Time Bidding to Take Ever-Bigger Share of Display Pie What’s Working in Mobile and What Might Work in the Future  What Pricing Strategy Beats Discounts? Six Tips for Christmas PPC Advertising The 7 Biggest Mistakes in Social Media (And How to Avoid Them) Don’t […]

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Holiday Retargeting: Something To Be Thankful For

November is a crucial time for holiday shoppers to get their gifting done, and retailers should be ramping up their efforts accordingly. The National Retail Foundation projects 2012 holiday spend to rise 4.1% from last year, which could mean $586 billion in holiday sales. Don’t you want a piece of that $586 billion? Shoppers want […]

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Case Study: U of F MBA Program

University of Florida MBA Logo | ReTargeter

The University of Florida’s Hough School of Business has used ReTargeter to keep their messages in front of prospective students. In two months, they were able to serve 3.3 million impressions, receiving a 0.31% click-through rate. Nathan Lowery of Lipof, the ad agency that handles the University of Florida’s marketing, has found retargeting to be […]

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