December 2011

Top 5 Articles of the Week – Dec. 30, 2011

We’ve rounded up five of the best articles you may not have seen this week: The Evolution of Advertising: From Stone Carving to the Old Spice Guy Why Brand Image is Important to the Tiniest of Businesses 7 Marketing Lessons from Neuroscience Ad Targeting, Promotions Up Online Sales 12 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions You Can Actually […]

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Campaigning in the Age of Obama: Twitter Advertising Enters the Fray

This is the first post of an ongoing series about digital marketing in the 2012 election.  There’s no doubt that the 2008 election changed political campaigning forever. A young unknown harnessed the power of the internet to inexpensively raise money, build a massive following, defeat the party favorite in the primary, and go on to […]

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Top 5 Articles of the Week – Dec. 14, 2011

Here’s five of the best articles that you may have missed this week: Trust Me: Here’s Why Brands Sell Trust, Subconsciously What Marketers Don’t Get About Social Media Audiences 2011 State of Digital Marketing How Timeline Changes Marketing on Facebook Sentient Insights’ Trends and Predictions for 2012 Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter […]

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ReTargeter Acquires Riddle & Co., Welcomes Jeff Riddle to the Team

ReTargeter today announced that it will acquire client relationship strategy firm Riddle & Co, a company specializing in driving revenue through referrals. As part of the acquisition, founder Jeff Riddle will become Managing Director of East Coast Operations for ReTargeter and will run the company’s New York office. The terms of the deal, including price, […]

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Think Different About Your Ads

This 1997 ad launched Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign, marking the beginning of Apple’s Renaissance. In the fiscal year prior, the company had lost $1 billion dollars and was in danger of falling into obscurity. Today it’s a $184 billion company–the second largest in the world. I’m hardly suggesting this ad campaign is responsible for the […]

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Case Study: Zendesk

Zendesk Logo | ReTargeter

Zendesk is a web based customer support software company with a pretty keen ticket management system and a strong customer community. Offering a variety of products from starting from a free trial to three paid tiers, Zendesk began using ReTargeter with the hopes of achieving a strong direct ROI, as well as obtaining additional branding. […]

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