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ReTargeter Acquires Riddle & Co., Welcomes Jeff Riddle to the Team

ReTargeter today announced that it will acquire client relationship strategy firm Riddle & Co, a company specializing in driving revenue through referrals. As part of the acquisition, founder Jeff Riddle will become Managing Director of East Coast Operations for ReTargeter and will run the company’s New York office. The terms of the deal, including price, have not been disclosed.

ReTargeter, an online display advertising and retargeting solution, delivers increased conversions of return visitors from 5x-7x, with the average CTRs on banner ads being over 500% higher than that of standard display advertising. With this acquisition, ReTargeter gains Riddle & Co.’s proprietary methodology for understanding an organization’s relationships, identifying untapped value, and building a high performance referral pipeline. ReTargeter will use the acquisition to enhance business development and outreach efforts while bolstering internal sales training.

“The work done at Riddle & Co. complements ReTargeter’s values perfectly,” said ReTargeter CEO Arjun Dev Arora. “They view relationships as critical assets that require continuous nurturing and investment, and that’s precisely the attitude we want to maintain as we scale up and expand our presence in the space.”

Riddle, a noted corporate consultant and public speaker who founded Riddle & Co. in 2010, will join ReTargeter from the New York office as Managing Director and will be responsible for spreading awareness about ReTargeter and developing strategic partnerships with major ad agencies throughout the east coast. Riddle & Co. specializes in driving referral revenue from clients and partners by cultivating long-term relationships and re-engineering sales processes.

“I’ve worked with ReTargeter in the past, and I’ve witnessed firsthand how much emphasis they put on going above and beyond for their clients and earning long-term goodwill,” said Jeff Riddle. “I’m excited to extend our work into the digital marketing arena, an industry that’s known more for cutting-edge technology than for a deep focus on relationships.”



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