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What You’re Missing By Not Using Retargeting


Did you know that about 90-98% of site visitors are simply not converting? Retargeting can keep you connected to that bounced traffic. With today’s long sales cycles and increasingly complex customer journeys, creating multiple touch points with prospects is essential to maximizing your marketing efforts and your ROI.

When you don’t use retargeting, you miss out on a huge opportunity to engage with traffic that will convert.

Amplify Existing Channels


Your website serves as the pillar of your online presence. It is where you communicate your value, where you direct traffic, where you optimize for SEO, and it provides the look and feel of your brand. All marketing roads lead to your website. When you finally get the traffic you’ve been working for, what happens after they leave?

Retargeting is the practice of serving ads based on prior engagement. With site retargeting, you don’t have to let that hard earned traffic slip through your fingers. Site retargeting will serve ads to people who visit your website after they leave. It is an effective method for ensuring you don’t lose that traffic forever. Site retargeting reminds site visitors to come back to do more research or complete the purchase.


Email is one of your most important marketing channels. 77% of Internet users surveyed prefer email messages over any other form of communication. Email retargeting supplements your email marketing with display advertising. It is a simple and effective way to drastically improve the reach of your email campaigns.

Email retargeting gives you the opportunity to upsell existing customers, reduce shopping cart abandonment, promote limited time offers, and even drive offline actions. When you do not use email retargeting, you’re leaving it up to your mailing list to take the next steps on their own. Internet users may prefer email messages, but this Teradata study shows that email combined with display outperforms email on its own, and the combination can contribute to a significant increase in website and landing page traffic.

Direct Mail

For the businesses that utilize direct mail, retargeting can help you get the most out of your mailing list. Using CRM Retargeting, an innovative form of retargeting that allows advertisers to serve display ads to people with nothing but an email or mailing address, you can re-engage with those one-time customers who still receive your catalog or other direct-mail promotions but never made that second purchase.

CRM Retargeting provides a unique opportunity to market to users who may have never interacted with your brand’s online presence in the past. You can bridge your offline-online database and extrapolate valuable data that will allow you to target your audience with highly relevant messaging. For example, you can take the data you have from phone or in-store purchase habits to show your offline customers relevant ads when they’re browsing the web.


You know your customers are active on Facebook, and so is your brand. You’ve setup a Facebook page, you promote posts you want followers to see, and you may even run some ads to promote your page. But are you using the channel to its full extent? The Facebook Exchange, FBX, is Facebook’s real-time bidding platform. FBX is the only place in Facebook’s ad ecosystem where advertisers can serve retargeted ads. This means you can serve ads to the people who came to your site and left, even when they’re hanging out on Facebook.

Since its launch, Facebook retargeting campaigns have seen impressive results. FBX provides you with the opportunity to target the right audience like never before. You can engage users based on previous browsing behaviors. You can focus on users who are already familiar with your brand. You can serve ads to people who are in varying stages of the funnel, and encourage the next action accordingly. With a billion people devoting 15% of their online time to the social network, Facebook retargeting allows you to reach your users on virtually unlimited inventory.

Increase the Lifetime Value of Existing Clients

You’re doing everything right and people are converting, but this doesn’t mean your job as a marketer is done. Retargeting isn’t restricted to new business. In fact, it can be quite effective in retaining existing clients, as well as in cross-sell and upsell campaigns. Retargeting allows for you to segment your campaigns and serve creatives that are geared toward a highly targeted segment of your customer base.

Once your retargeting campaign has turned a visitor into a buyer, you can move that customer into a new segment for a campaign with upsell-focused messaging. For example, based on a customer’s purchase history, there may be a complementary product that would be useful, or an additional package that makes sense. Perhaps a customer purchased the “Basic” package, and a month in you’d like to entice them with “Premium.” CTRs and conversion rates have been found to be anywhere from 3-5% higher with retargeting campaigns for upsells, as compared to standard site retargeting. If you’re not retargeting your existing clients, you’re missing out on those valuable conversions.


Retargeting provides the additional touch points that serve as valuable follow-up to a user’s initial interest. Amplify your marketing efforts by retargeting across all of your existing channels to re-engage users and turn customers into lifelong brand advocates.



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