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What Makes a Good Banner Ad — April’s Big Winner

Earlier this month, Ad Age wrote articles about “the best” banner ads, along with tools on how to make them “suck less.” This strikes up an exciting subject—the lost art of banner ad design.To commemorate ads that go above and beyond, I have chosen the best ReTargeting banner for the month of April and will continue to pick a new example every month.

With more than 100 clients and thousands of banner ads, it becomes easier to set apart good banners from mediocre ones. In order to define a “good” banner, I’ve measured banners with an above average Click Through Rate (CTR) and determined which are the most effective, based on their performance all the way down to conversion. Given this analysis, Dollar Days’ banner ad stands out as the best ReTargeting ad for April. So what exactly sets this banner ad apart from others, you ask?

  • Appeal – The ad only has a few images, but against the white background, the pictures pop.The company’s logo is appealing itself: the sun, so cool despite being so hot, that it has to put shades on!Likewise, the dollar sign for the “s” is appropriate for what Dollar Days is advertising:Saving “$,” which is clearly conveyed by the images in the middle.
  • Clear Call to Action Button – Call to Action is key in receiving a high CTR! Call to action buttons make consumers more inclined to actually click on the banner when they see an impression. Looking at this ad and seeing the “start saving” button (with the arrow – a surprising key competent) makes me want to scroll over and click, so I can get started on saving money right away.
  • Concise Message – Many people fail to realize that simplicity in displaying a clear, straight forward message is more than enough to create an effective banner ad.The banner ad was designed in a way that visibly represents the company and what is being advertised.The company’s name is in plain view at the top of the screen with minimal text at the bottom, yet the message is still communicated.

Stay tuned for next month’s Best ReTargeting banner ad! =)



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