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Using Data to Design Smarter Online Ad Campaigns

Did you know that only 11% of marketing decisions are based in data? In the past, marketers had to rely on intuition and assumptions when approaching advertising. Today, we have numerous ways to collect the data that matters for improved strategy, ROI, and performance for your advertising campaigns.

Yesterday, our own Hafez Adel, Sr. Director of Marketing, hosted a webinar with Max Teitelbaum of They discussed how you can improve your online ad campaigns with the use of data.

Here are some of the key takeaways from yesterday’s webinar:

  • While all marketers strive for agility, the data that is available to you today allows for methodical, targeted, and precise marketing campaigns.
  • Competitive intelligence allows you to limit risk, deconstruct your creatives, find new and profitable traffic sources, as well as keep tabs on the competition.
  • Optimize creatives by measuring CTR and Engagement.
  • Run multivariate tests on copy, graphics, and calls-to-action for superior results.
  • When ads aren’t performing well, this could be due to placement and not the ads themselves. Test out different site placements for better performance data.
  • Maximize ROI with data-driven thinking throughout the entire advertising¬†life-cycle.
  • Utilize the view-through conversion metric, but make sure to set a small view-through window. We recommend 24 hours from the initial impression.

Want to learn more? Access the complete webinar:

Using Data to Design Smarter Online Ad Campaigns from ReTargeter on Vimeo.



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