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Use ReTargeting To Add Excitement To Your Careers Page

cPrime provides project management and Agile, consulting, staffing and training services and utilized ReTargeter to drive traffic back to its IT job board.

Time Spent On Site By A ReTargeter Visitor: 10:34 (m:s), a 75% increase over average of all site visitors
Pageviews/UV By A ReTargeter Visitor: 60% increase over average of all site visitors
Conversion Rate: 50% of all ReTargeter traffic are qualified leads

“After we started using ReTargeter, our IT job board saw a 15% increase in the number of qualified repeat visitors coming back to our site, resulting in higher job placements.”

– Zubin Irani | CEO at cPrime


Rapleaf is a San Francisco based consumer data company that uses ReTargeter to drive activity to its careers page during periods of rapid hiring growth.

Increase in CTR after A/B testing and Optimization: 207% increase

“We have a high caliber recruiting process; we want to ensure our candidates are just as excited about working with us as we are with bringing them on. ReTargeter is an easy and effective way to gain proper exposure amongst top candidates and build that excitement from both ends.”

– Caitlin MacDonald | Marketing at Rapleaf


SocializedHR provides various recruiting tools, including a candidate management database and social identity reports that facilitate a company’s recruiting process.


“ReTargeter has been very helpful toward driving continuous activation of our new HR app.”

– Abraham Shafi | Cofounder at Socialized HR



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