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Top 5 Articles of the Week – July 6, 2012

Here’s our weekly roundup of the best digital marketing articles from around the web:

  1. Kellogg’s, Ford Embrace Programmatic Buys: Assert They Are ‘Premium,’ Not Remnant
  2. Social Campaigns on Tuesdays Earn Highest Engagement
  3. Nine Valuable Techniques to Persuade Visitors to Buy in 2012
  4. The 7 Pillars of Personalized Marketing
  5. 5 Little Known Facts About Google Analytics (and Why They Matter)

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Case Study: Hireology

Hireology is an HR software provider that helps companies make smarter hiring decisions. By analyzing the traits of high performing employees, Hireology can help companies find candidates that are more likely to succeed in the long term. To reach the elusive HR buyer, Hireology primarily relies upon content marketing to drive inbound interest. The content […]

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