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Top 5 Articles of the Week – Mar. 29, 2013

Google Universal Analytics Now Open to Everyone

Last October, Google launched a new service to help marketers understand how visitors engage across multiple devices. That service, called Universal Analytics, was only available to Google Analytics premium customers until now.

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For The Modern Marketer, Hearing (Market) Voices Is A Good Thing

As marketers we know that it’s crucial to listen to the voice of the customer, but is it enough? Having a thorough understanding of the entire marketplace (including prospective buyers as well as current and previous customers) will give you deeper insight into where you stand and how to position yourself.

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How to Future-Proof Your SEO

There’s no need to live in fear of Google’s next update. You can future-proof your SEO strategy by focusing on the end user and avoiding shortcuts or cheap tactics that are likely to devalued by Google in a future update.

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The SEO Guide To Getting Started With Google Webmaster Tools

SEOs everywhere rely on Google Webmaster Tools to do their job faster, smarter, and more efficiently. If you’re new to the game, Search Engine Land has an excellent primer.

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3 Unconventional Elements to Test in Checkout

For ecommerce companies, shopping cart abandonment isn’t just a likelihood, it’s a certainty. Though abandonment might be becoming just another part of the purchase.funnel, every online retailer is looking to minimize abandonment as much as humanly possible. Get Elastic has three unconventional tests you can use to optimize your conversion rate and decrease abandonment.

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Case Study: U of F MBA Program

University of Florida MBA Logo | ReTargeter

The University of Florida’s Hough School of Business has used ReTargeter to keep their messages in front of prospective students. In two months, they were able to serve 3.3 million impressions, receiving a 0.31% click-through rate. Nathan Lowery of Lipof, the ad agency that handles the University of Florida’s marketing, has found retargeting to be […]

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