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Top 5 Articles of the Week – August 2, 2013

Top 5 Articles of the Week

Who cares about real-time data anyway?

As real-time data gains traction in the world of marketing jargon, you’ll have to decide what that means for your business and how to actually analyze the data you have to drive optimization and a positive ROI.

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An Introduction to Integrated Marketing and SEO: How it Works and Why it Matters

An integrated marketing approach is becoming increasingly correlated to performance in the SERPs. A collaborative effort between multiple marketing channels and consistent messaging can be incredibly powerful.

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Is it Really Time for your Brand to be “RTB” — Real-time Bidding?

Opportunity abounds in what is quickly becoming an efficient market for both publishers and advertisers. Will you take part?

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Foursquare Makes Good on Promise to Sell Data for Retargeting

In an attempt to become “the location layer for the Internet,” Foursquare will be selling its valuable check-in and developer partner data to 3rd parties, including retargeters.

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Getting Real with RTB: 23% of Advertising Now Use It

Though RTB has seen a remarkable growth rate, up from only 17% last September to 23% now, major media are among those least enthusiastic.

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Case Study – The Valley Health System

Valley Health logo | ReTargeter

Millions of people in the world, but how do you find the right talent, at the right time, and for the right price? Since May of 2014, TMP Worldwide and Valley Health Systems partnered with ReTargeter to deliver active and passive candidates to the VHS Career Site. Leveraging intricate data and analytics, these campaigns optimized […]

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