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Three Ways To Scale Your Online Branding and Compete With The Big Dogs

Branding is crucial for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs). Whether it’’s the company’s name, logo, or tagline, branding helps position and differentiate SMBs against competitors. However, an SMB can have great brand elements, but if the brand isn’t scaled well, said business will have lots of trouble growing their client base.

A company’s brand serves as a psychological tool that makes its product memorable. A child who sees a splash of orange paint will instantly think ‘Nickelodeon,’ while a silver three-pointed star let’s adults know that they just saw an ad for Mercedes-Benz. But companies like Nickelodeon and Mercedes have been around for decades! How’’s an SMB supposed to compete against brands that millions of people notice every day?

Simple – by connecting with its engaged audience!

Social Media:

Social media is a great way to engage with your audience at a low cost. Though there’s one caveat: don’t jump on a social media tactic without having a good strategy.If your audience is more active on Twitter than Facebook, then it doesn’t make sense to do a huge social promotion on Facebook. Also, make sure that all content that you post or tweet is legitimately helpful to your audience – offer deals, strategic advice, and industry insight.


Big brands are memorable because they advertise everywhere, and spend a lot of money doing so. Adidas pays top dollar to shower YouTube visitors with their impressions.SMBs however don’t have a big enough budget to advertise this way. With ReTargeting, SMBs can show their ads on sites like YouTube for a price point that’s within their budget. This is because ReTargeting only shows ads to the specific users who have visited the SMB’s site, and not to the millions of other people who visit YouTube and wouldn’t even care about the SMB’s brand yet.


It’’s been said that ‘the best products turn users into evangelists.’Nike puts their swoosh on all of their products, while HootSuite’s owl can be seen on every Facebook post made through that client. Your clients use your product for a reason, so there’s no reason that they wouldn’t want to recommend it to other people who they know would benefit from it. Offering promotions that encourage your clients to evangelize your product is a great way to spread your brand to the right people.



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