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The Incredible Network: Why Network Reach Is Important for ReTargeting

ReTargeting is an advertising technology that focuses on bringing your audience back to your site. This is accomplished by keeping your ads in front of your bounced visitors after they leave your website. In order to accomplish this effectively, your retargeting network needs to be able to access your audience from as many places as possible.

After people leave your website, they will continue to browse other sites and are likely to forget about your brand. The global average website conversion rate of around 2.2% proves this. ReTargeting aims to fix this problem by bringing your visitors back to your website. However, if you’re not leveraging ReTargeter’s Incredible Network to retarget your audience, you are missing out on many potential opportunities to retarget your visitors.

ReTargeter’s Incredible Network works so well for retargeting solely because it gives advertisers the most retargeting reach available. By combining a unique mix of online advertising networks and publishers that includes both Yahoo!’s Right Media and Google’s Doubleclick (as well as many other networks), the Incredible Network can keep your brand “top of mind” and retarget each of your site’s visitors, regardless of their unique browsing habits. Whilst leveraging the Incredible Network, ReTargeter will be able display your impressions to your audience, even if your audience browses outside of Google and Yahoo!’s advertising reach.

Here are some quick CTR and Conversion Rate numbers that one of our clients received over three different months:

  • Month 1: Client retargeted its audience using Yahoo!’s Right Media
    CTR: .12%
    Conversion Rate: .041%
  • Month 2: Client retargeted its audience using Google’s DoubleClick
    CTR: .15%
    Conversion Rate: .048%
  • Month 3: Client retargeted its audience using ReTargeter’s Incredible Network
    CTR: .19%
    Conversion Rate: .058%



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