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SEO and Retargeting for the Data Driven Marketer


Yesterday, our Sr. Director of Marketing, Hafez Adel, hosted a webinar with AdLift CEO, Prashant Puri, entitled, “SEO and Retargeting for the Data-Driven Marketer.”

In case you weren’t able to attend, here’s what you missed:


When it comes to your SEO strategy, Prashant recommends the following process for all marketers:

  • Keyword Analysis – Go after the keywords that convert!
  • Competitive Analysis – Know how your competitors rank, know their keywords, and conduct a link analysis.
  • Site Analysis – Understand the ins and outs of your site. Monitor internal links, external links, evaluate site performance, and project traffic based on search queries.
  • Measure Performance – Track everything and monitor changes in performance to regularly update and improve your SEO strategy.


Retargeting can increase performance, bring users back, expand your reach, and build brand awareness.

Hafez shared these tips for designing a retargeting campaign to meet marketing objectives:

  • Segment your audience for increased relevance with your retargeting creative
  • A/B test creatives and landing pages to continuously optimize your campaign.
  • Understand how SEO and retargeting fit into your overall funnel
  • Align retargeting with existing marketing channels for maximum impact

If you’re new to retargeting, here’s a guide to help you get started.

Watch the full webinar recording:

SEO and Retargeting for the Data Driven Marketer from ReTargeter on Vimeo.

Access the slides here:

Seo and retargeting for the data driven marketer from ReTargeter



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