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Add RTMail To Your E-Mail Marketing Strategy

If you haven’t heard by now, ReTargeter recently announced ReTargeting 2.0 – a suite of innovative products based around our ReTargeting technology.

One of our exciting new products is RTMail, lets you stay in front of your contact list after they open your emails, and works especially well with e-mail marketing campaigns.

When testing this product, an online retailer who sells high-end baseball bats used RTMail to effectively add ReTargeting to their e-mail marketing campaign.  With slightly over 10,500 people opening their email, we were able to drive 150,000 impressions, with 326 clicks and 7 total conversions.  The average conversion was valued at around $200, putting the ROI at 280%.

Here’s a quick re-cap of the numbers:

E-Mail Openers: ~ 11K

Campaign Cost: $500

Impressions: 158,336

Clicks: 326

CTR: .206%

Conversions: 7

Purchase Price: $200

ROI: 280%

We’re very pleased to be able to release a new product that works so well in conjunction with e-mail marketing campaigns.  As e-mail marketing becomes a more used tactic by small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), adding RTMail to the campaign is a strategy that makes sense.

Contact us today to learn more about how RTMail can help your e-mail marketing campaign.



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