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Retargeting Goes Social: 3 New Tools for Reaching Influencers and Extending Your Brand

Retargeting is about focusing advertising on the most relevant people possible. For traditional e-mail and web-based retargeting, this means targeting ads to users who either visit a website or open an e-mail. The rise of social media has provided brands with a wealth of new information regarding who is interested in their products and services, while also creating new opportunities to target ads to the right people.

Social ads have been shown to resonate with users more powerfully than traditional display advertising, resulting in increased click-through rates and conversions. That’s why we here at ReTargeter are proud to announce our new suite of social retargeting products, each designed to fill a different niche within your social media marketing strategy. By combining ReTargeter Core technology with the power of social networks, we’ve taken retargeting—and social advertising—to a whole new level.

RTDiscover – Retargeting Your Way To The Tipping Point

RTDiscover is a revolutionary system for identifying influencers relevant to your brand and targeting your advertising to them. Not only will this earn your brand mindshare with key thought leaders in your industry, but it will also create the potential for your marketing messages to go viral—organically—by leveraging the influencers’ impressive networks.

Here’s how RTDiscover works:

RTInfluencer – Sharing, Evolved

Social “share buttons” have become a must-have feature on websites that hope to use social media to spread their content. Unfortunately, these buttons aren’t very powerful on their own. There’s no way to tell who clicked on a shared link, or to determine which of your users are driving the most traffic to your site. RTInfluencer enhances the functionality of share buttons by integrating retargeting technology into the button itself. When somebody shares a link from your site, they will be assigned a unique link that will serve two purposes: 1) Retarget anybody who clicks on that link with your ads, and 2) Keep track of who is driving the most referral clicks to your site. Share buttons enhanced by RTInfluencer extend your audience and reward your brand evangelists, all with a single click.

Here’s how RTInfluencer Works:

RTInteractive – Going Beyond Banner Ads

Display advertising has historically been a one-way street: people are shown an ad, and they have no options for interaction other than clicking on them. RTInteractive stretches the boundaries of what display advertising can be by incorporate interactive elements into the ads. Whether you embed a poll, a snippet of your Twitter feed, a feedback form, or a YouTube video, RTInteractive lets your users experience your site from within the ad wherever they go.

Here are a few examples of interactive ads you can create with RTInteractive:

Social Ads: Not a Fad

As people become more and more inundated with competing advertisements and marketing messages, they’re increasingly going to turn to their social networks for recommendations on products and services.


As the graph above illustrates, a recommendation from a close friend or a trusted influencer will do more for your brand than a faceless banner ad can ever hope to achieve. We’re not the only ones who seem to think so, either. At the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Mixx conference last year, Neal Mohan, Google VP for Display Advertising, stated that by 2015 three quarters of all ads will be socially enabled. “All users will be able to share an ad, comment on an ad, and give feedback on an ad,” he said, adding that he sees the future of advertising as a “two-way communication channel between a brand and its consumers.”

We couldn’t agree more, and we couldn’t wait until 2015 to turn this vision into a reality.



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