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ReTargeter’s Commitment to Social Advertising Runs Deep

A note from the CEO

ReTargeter is passionate about social media.  We’re excited about the new ways we’ve pioneered that help brands engage with their audience across the social web.  We know that fleshing out the combination of display retargeting and social media can create an unparalleled value for any brand, and we already have data to prove that it’s working.

We introduced the convergence of social media and display advertising early in March with a first-of-its-kind product we named Fan ReTargeting.  To date, we have run Fan ReTargeting campaigns for many advertisers across many verticals, including DKNY, Tim Ferriss, and KISSmetrics.  Fan ReTargeting’s performance and reception was so good that we were compelled to look for more innovative ways to leverage social display advertising for our clients. So, we introduced ReTargeting 2.0, a suite of innovative products that lets advertisers engage with their audience across our entire network.

Fan ReTargeting is in its infancy, but it has already added a huge value to its advertisers.  It added over 6,000 fans to DKNY’s brand over a 10 day campaign, and can be attributed to a 7.03% growth in Fans for Tim Ferriss.  Additionally, our data shows that a brand’s Facebook Fans are more active with the brand than any other audience, and other studies have proven that Facebook Fans tend to be loyal to their brands and become long term customers, making them much more valuable than one-time purchasers.  Moreover, using retargeting to drive initial sales, and funneling those purchasers through a Fan ReTargeting campaign can help an advertiser reach an unparalleled ROI from any marketing campaign.

Retargeting has traditionally been a great tool for increasing sales.  Big e-commerce sites and online retailers have always found a strong ROI from retargeting.   ReTargeter has taken a leadership role to innovate and democratize this technology to deliver it to the wide range of SMBs that operate on a much tighter advertising budget than enterprise brands and large agencies. We specialize in technology that focuses on advertising to a brand’s audience, and we’re always thinking of additional ways to innovate, and use online display retargeting to engage with users.

Our current suite of products is already showing its value, and we will always strive toward innovations that will continue to help advertisers.  We undoubtedly believe that display ads will continue to transform and become more social, and combining these innovations with retargeting will add even more value to advertisers.



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