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ReTargeting Your Audience On Facebook Apps

What’s new on the ReTargeter front? ReTargeter now has access to direct Facebook application inventory. What does that mean? It means that by using ReTargeter’s already top-notch ad service, you can also have access to the display inventory inside Facebook’s popular games and applications. (Admit it – avid gamer or closet gamer, you’re one of the millions who has played FarmVille, among other wildly addictive games).

Imagine your ad reaching the audience you want through the most-visited site on the web. No, not just through Google and its display network, but also through almighty Facebook. It’s a website so powerful and pervasive that more than 500 million people frequent the site, with Facebookers installing 20 million applications a day. It’s so revolutionizing, I’d name my first-born child ‘Facebook.’ But alas, someone has already beaten me to it!

The point is, with the surge in social-network gaming and apps, an audience is sure to be reached, and it’s not just any audience. Combined with ReTargeter’s superb targeting, you can find your socially-active users online, based on behavior, demographic, or geographic location. With an audience active on games and applications, Facebook and mobile gamers can be exposed to your ad – and not exposed in an awkward, caught-off guard, naked kind-of-way (which makes for another interesting blog), but rather exposed in a purely targeted manner. It’s also a way to potentially cross-promote Twitter content so that you can direct your banners to your Twitter page and increase your followers.

Tapping into social media venues to build a brand-following? Yes, please. With the Facebook platform, you can also use Fan ReTargeting to drive people to another destination route – your brand page or fan page. Beep, beep! Hop on because ReTargeter’s here and ready to take your ad viewers’ attention on a “brand” new excursion!



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