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ReTargeter to Sponsor Readyforce “Hacker Tour 2012”

Readyforce Presents “Hacker Tour 2012” — Recruiting at 25 Campuses to Create a Better Way for Fast-growing Tech Companies to Recruit Engineering Students

San Francisco, California—August 7, 2012…Readyforce announces Hacker Tour 2012 as the new model in scalable, economical college recruiting for fast growing tech companies.  Readyforce is representing sponsoring companies as Hacker Tour 2012 travels to 25 campuses this fall, connecting sponsors with 20,000 of the best engineering and computer science candidates in the U.S.  Starting September 12, Hacker Tour 2012 will promote its sponsors and their career opportunities at career fairs and custom student events across the country.

As anyone familiar with on campus recruiting knows, college recruiting takes significant time, effort and resources that are well beyond the capacity of most small tech companies. Traditionally, only the largest companies have been able to organize real college recruiting programs. The Readyforce Hacker Tour 2012 provides a new model of economic college recruiting that gives smaller, fast-growing companies access to great candidates from many more campuses across the country.
The immediate and urgent hiring demands of Hacker Tour 2012 companies paint a very different picture than current Department of Labor Job Reports. The tour’s fast growing sponsoring companies are looking to hire engineering students for internships and jobs.

“We developed Hacker Tour 2012 to close the gap for many companies seeking better access to college candidates but working with limited resources. Sponsoring companies want to employ engineering and computer science candidates now. They want to have more choices, while spending less time and money, and Readyforce makes it possible for any company to recruit from campuses countrywide and hire their ideal candidates,” said Readyforce CEO Alex Mooradian.

Because of the remarkable demand for engineers in the tech world, Readyforce’s first college recruitment tour, Hacker Tour 2012, focuses on engineering and computer science students and recent grads. Kicking off with the Cornell University career fair in Ithaca, NY,  the tour continues through October, with the Readyforce bus connecting sponsoring companies with engineering and computer science candidates from the leading college and university programs. Hacker Tour 2012 targets campus career fairs and includes Readyforce special events like interactive tech talks and competitive challenges designed to promote the sponsors and encourage students to set up Readyforce profiles.

The tour will travel to outstanding schools like Cornell, Penn State, Princeton, Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, Ohio State, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, University of Illinois, North Carolina State, Duke, University of NC, Stanford, University of California-Berkeley, University of California-Santa Barbara, University of California-San Diego, University of California-Davis, University of Washington, MIT, Yale, Harvard, University of Texas, and University of Colorado.

Readyforce allows companies and students to connect directly with each other, eliminating prohibitive recruitment times and costs, geography, time zones, and soulless paper resumes. Readyforce is designed to facilitate enduring matches and help launch meaningful careers, by focusing on proven interpersonal factors that contribute to job satisfaction, such as work style, personal preferences, interests and cultural fit.

Early sponsors of Hacker Tour 2012 include 10gen, Box, Chegg, Codecademy, Quixey, ReTargeter, and Square. Readyforce invites all companies interested in joining Hacker Tour 2012 to learn more and register today:

Praise for Hacker Tour 2012

“We’re proud Square was first to sponsor the Readyforce tour,” said Greg Marsh, University Programs Manager at Square.  “Participating in Hacker Tour 2012 will dramatically extend our access to exceptionally qualified candidates while curtailing our time and cost.  We’re excited to partner with Readyforce and engage with 20,000 potential candidates in an innovative, interactive way.”

“Box is so excited to participate in Readyforce’s first ever Hacker Tour! It was an obvious choice for us with the widespread reach to some of the best college campuses in the country. Without Hacker Tour, we wouldn’t be able to have a direct presence at all of these universities,” said Jennifer Nguyen, Recruiting Operations Lead, Box. “We have high hopes for this inaugural trip and can’t wait to see the bus traveling the country with our logo on it!”

“Chegg exists to serve students and to help them save time, save money, and get smarter. We are building a consumer-friendly experience for students; to do this effectively, we must maximize the student DNA in the company. This is why we offer an extensive intern program and we hire as many new college graduates as possible,” said Tim Wenzel, VP Human Resources, Chegg, Inc. “We are excited to partner with Readyforce on their hacker tour as we seek out talented students to help continue building a great product and a great place to work.”

“Readyforce’s Hacker Tour looks like a great way for startups like ours to get great exposure on college campuses that would normally be off limits due to the time commitments of traveling and speaking,” said Zach Sims, co-founder Codecademy.  “We’re looking forward to working with them as we look to hire great college graduates this year.”

“Attracting great talent is a challenge for any company, but thanks to Readyforce we’ve been able to bypass a lot of the traditional intermediaries and connect with students directly,” said Hafez Adel, senior director of Marketing, ReTargeter. “ReTargeter is proud to be a part of Hacker Tour 2012, and we’re excited to meet the talented young men and women who will be participating in it.”

“We are very excited to be part of The Readyforce Hacker Tour,” said Martin Cooke, Vice President of HR, Recruitment and Training at 10gen. “Amidst a competitive market, we’ve had great success attracting college talent to 10gen and it’s become an important part of our continued growth. As a well-funded company, we offer graduates an exciting career in a fast-paced, challenging environment. Readyforce is creating a powerful forum that allows us to showcase an outstanding opportunity to be part of the next wave of innovation, compared to being a cog in a big, well-known company.”

About Readyforce
Readyforce is building the easiest way for companies to hire college students for internships and jobs. Companies search and review profiles and connect directly with students from around the country. Readyforce investors include Menlo Ventures, US Venture Partners, Pivot North, Founder Collective and First Round Capital.



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