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ReTargeter Partner Primeloop Launches New Product: Retargeted Conversations

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Primeloop is launching a new product called Retargeted Conversations.

With traditional retargeting, you work on driving traffic to your own website, so that people get your tracking cookie, and then start seeing your campaign ads.

With Primeloop Retargeted Conversations, you can build a campaign around a highly engaged audience without first driving them to your website. Instead, they pick up your cookie by engaging with content you share in media, comments, and social channels.

For example, Primeloop had a client who was getting a lot of press and social conversations around one of their new products. And, in this case, the most engaging place they could point people was directly to a conversation in Reddit. With Primeloop, they can drive customers straight to the Reddit conversation, but still display ads for their product to all the people who click through.

Engagement can be even a step further away from the brand. Let me tell you about one of Primeloop’s campaigns as an example. Google has said they intend to shutdown Google Alerts at some point. Because of that, a lot of people are asking what they should use instead. And, while Primeloop isn’t a replacement for Google Alerts, those same people are likely good customers for Primeloop. When Primeloop goes around on Quora, LinkedIn, twitter, and various blogs to tell people they should check out another product called, anyone who clicks through on the links they use will start seeing ads for Primeloop.

There are many more ways to set up these campaigns. But they all result in (1) more organic conversations that drive people straight to the most relevant resource, and (2) a cookie pool built on a highly engaged audience.

Getting started is easy. Once you have your strategy in place:

  1. Create a new campaign in Retargeter
  2. Grab your segment code, and add it to your Primeloop account
  3. Use the Primeloop browser plugin while engaging in comments, tweets, or any online conversation relevant to your campaign
  4. Watch your conversions increase from this highly engaged audience

If you have any questions, please drop a line at or 415-935-3547



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