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I was once asked during an interview, “How many people in the United States own a smartphone?” Of course, I had no idea what the answer was off the top of my head but I did my best to try to break it down in a logical manner. The forced look of confidence on my face exuded an air of confusion and my blind stab at statistics did not work in my favor. When I took too long to answer, I was hastily given another question. I accepted defeat at the hands of my interviewer, but an important lesson was learned that day: mobile media consumption is on the rise and it’s important to know, whether you think it is or not.


According to The comScore 2010 Mobile Year in Review, smartphones aggressively penetrated the mobile market in 2010, causing a hike in mobile media consumption by subscribers worldwide. Technological innovations gave way to a number of new capabilities for mobile devices, expanding the definition of what it means to be ‘mobile’ through the introduction of tablets, e-readers and other connected devices, including iPads. 36 percent of mobile Americans and 29 percent of Europeans browsed the mobile web in December 2010, with access through an application reaching 34 percent of Americans and 28 percent of Europeans. Likewise, mobile browsing and application usage is growing consistently every year.


As more subscribers access the mobile web in 2011, ReTargeter is able to reach this rapidly-expanding segment of consumers. Rather than just providing strictly traditional display advertising, ReTargeter has access to inventory on mobile browsers as well. We can target mobile sites the same way we do with web-based inventory. ReTargeter now has access to premium mobile inventory on mobile sites such as The New York Times, CNN and Fox News. We can specifically show mobile web ads or standard IAB ads, which are viewed through mobile devices in classic mode, through a full site view.


What’s that sound? Your song is playing – that’s the cue that your phone is ringing. Sometimes we forget that our mobile device is actually a phone. Minimize Facebook, pause YouTube, and take a break from your e-book. ReTargeter is calling and they’ve got mobile advertising opportunities for you. Pick up!



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