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Leading ReTargeting Provider to Help Brands Discover, Influence and Interact with Robust Social Media Retargeting Solution

SAN FRANSICO – October 3, 2011 – Coming off a second quarter revenue boost of 217% year-over-year,, the leader in the online advertising retargeting space, today released a full social media retargeting platform, ReTargeter Social. ReTargeter Social combines three social media retargeting products – RTInfluencer, RTDiscover, and RTInteractive – designed to help brands target their biggest online advocates, increase their network reach via social media and increases conversions by up to 50%.

“ReTargeter Social keeps brands in front of their audience and is proven to help increase their network reach via social media,” said Arjun Dev Arora, Chief Executive Officer of ReTargeter, LLC. “Social retargeting can increase conversions by up to 50% and increase efficiency of retargeting by up to 10 times. In addition, targeted social users are 4 times more likely to click on shared links. No other retargeting platform has the robust product offering that ReTargeter has.”

ReTargeter Social focuses on serving unique ads and content to a brand’s audience after they have engaged with the brand without converting. Users are initially targeted via direct visits, twitter feeds, Facebook, and other marketing vehicles. ReTargeter Social has three unique ways to target and engage your audience, including:

  • RTInfluencer – helps you encourage and reward social influencers in any industry. RTInfluencer utilizes the advanced targeting capabilities of on-site segmentation with the engagement that your brand receives from social-sharing. Brands can target the followers of social influencers or the influencers themselves that share their content from a brand site, to build and maintain a valuable audience made up of not just visitors to their site, but also those who share brand’s content and the people who listen to them.
  • RTDiscover – A new way to target by helping brands to identify, reach and retarget relevant social influencers and their audience based on a unique algorithm. RTDiscover indexes the top Twitter users with in an industry, and using a combination of email and display advertising, reach these influencers with unique ads, ensuring that your message gets delivered across your entire network.
  • RTInteractive – Interact with ads like never before. RTInteractive takes a brand retargeting creatives to the next level by replacing static ads with an interactive experience. With RTInteractive, brands can spread their latest articles, videos, polls, customer forms, and real-time feeds from a blog, Twitter, or Facebook account.

ReTargeter, launched in 2009, has already had success with social media retargeting products: Fan ReTargeting, helps targets to ‘Like’ a brand and engage with them forever on Facebook, ReFollower, retargets with a Twitter feed instead of a static add and grow a brand’s social following, and RT Engage, gives brand the ability to share real-time content to an audience and their social graph.

“Our ReTargeter Labs is always looking to push the envelope of innovation,” said Arora. “Our other social products, Fan ReTargeting, ReFollower, and RT Engage, were such a success, we had to keep up the innovation.”

ReTargeter enhances retargeting or direct buys through four main targeting capabilities: Social, Demographic, Geographic, and Contextual. ReTargeter increases conversions of return visitors from 5x-7x, with the average CTRs on banner ads being over 500% higher than that of standard display advertising.

Learn more about ReTargeter Social on our products page.

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ReTargeter is the simplest and most effective display retargeting solution. ReTargeter aims to drive conversions and keep brands “top of mind” by allowing advertisers to market to their audience after leaving its website. Advertisers leveraging ReTargeter’s network will gain access to over 98% of ad inventory, a comprehensive optimization engine and support team, and ReTargeter’s self-service display platform, ReTargeter Insights. ReTargeter is a privately held company based in San Francisco, California. For more information on ReTargeter, please visit



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