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With decreasing barriers to entry for businesses, the ad tech market has quickly become a saturated space full of many similar businesses. In spite of increasing consumer access to information, potential purchasers still struggle to identify the right choices for them as they wade through a sea of value propositions that look the same and are distinguishable only by price. And this is not limited to ad tech—this example is indicative of a much larger trend.

If the ad tech market (and any other market like this) continues in this way, the majority of companies will race to the bottom where the lowest price wins. This means reduced margins, a decreasing caliber of employees, and businesses that only operate according to one value: getting the customer’s money.

On the other hand, there are a few companies that are focusing on the integrity of their brand, training service-focused employees, and building depth into their client relationships. These investments create meaningful differentiators that can truly set a business apart. ReTargeter CEO Arjun Arora built ReTargeter with this in mind. He created a set of values unique to this company that has driven every decision since the company’s inception back in 2009. These values are respect, the development and maintenance of long term relationships, humility, intelligence, adaptability, fun, boldness, directness, and hustle.

At the end of 2011, ReTargeter acquired my company, Riddle & Co., a relationship strategy firm that specialized in driving revenue through referrals. Realizing that a company’s profits are only as good as the depth of their client relationships and the integrity of their brand, we built Riddle & Co to help companies build stronger relationships.

The close value alignment between ReTargeter and Riddle & Co. offered the perfect opportunity to bring another layer of value to an already great company. But it wasn’t until one especially meaningful conversation with Arjun that I decided to move forward with the acquisition. Arjun told me, “my only focus is to create leaders who can create leaders. If I can do this, everyone wins.” This showed me that ReTargeter isn’t just another ad tech company, but an organization that’s committed to changing the way business gets done.

Following the acquisition of Riddle & Co., I’ve been given the resources to ideate, create, build, and integrate innovate systems within ReTargeter. We’re creating a new standard for how ad tech companies can grow by putting the client first. We are just getting started, but are excited to not only implement these new systems, but to share them with our clients, partners, and friends. That’s why we’ve decided to create a dedicated sub-blog on relationship marketing, where will be where we will be sharing our ideas, strategies, results, and lessons learned.

I’m grateful to be a part of a values focused company like ReTargeter, and I look forward to being a resource and as well as learning from your experiences.


– Jeff Riddle



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