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5 Reasons Corporate Employers Should Be Using Retargeting


Retargeting has become the tactic of choice for the modern marketer, and for good reason. Retargeting is a digital marketing tool that allows you to serve ads only to people who have previously interacted with your brand, by visiting your website, for example, or opening an email. After that initial interaction, retargeting lets you serve ads to those people all over the web.

Because retargeting focuses only on engaged users, it tends to be more effective and produce a higher return than many other forms of web outreach. That’s why retargeting has quickly become a go-to tactic for marketers in industries as varied as retail, B2B software, and even education.

Now it’s not only marketers who are taking advantage of this powerful tool. Fortune 500 employers have taken notice and many have incorporated this tried and tested form of online advertising into their digital recruitment strategy.

Here are five reasons why retargeting your candidates might be the smartest investment you make in 2013.

1. Boost Employer Branding

As an employer, you can focus a retargeting campaign only on people who visit your careers page, ensuring you only target job candidates. All you need to do is add a simple line of code to your web properties, and anyone who leaves your careers page or any career-related landing page without filling out an application will see your ads all over the web.

Serving branded ads all over the web is a cost-effective way to improve employer branding among potential candidates.

2. Tell Your Company’s Story

Retargeting is primarily a display advertising tool, but you can also use rich media ads including embedded widgets like polls or a Twitter feed. You can even retarget your candidates with video ads, providing even more of an opportunity to tell your story.

Retargeting, particularly if you use video, can help you tell a story about how why your company is a great place to work.

3. Engage Passive Candidates and Grow Your Talent Community

Retargeting can help you keep your brand in front of passive candidates before they officially begin the process. Anyone who checks out your careers site but isn’t necessarily ready to fill out an application would see your ads all over the web, which could help keep them engaged until they are ready to complete an application.

You can also use messaging within your retargeted ads encouraging candidates to sign up for job alerts, or join a talent community. Anyone who didn’t see a position that’s right for them could stay engaged with your brand, sign up for alerts, and submit an application when the right position opens up.

4. Receive More Completed Applications and Keep Active Candidates Warm

For applicants who are currently in the middle of the hiring process, retargeting can also be very effective. If you’re like most companies, many people who visit your careers page often open or begin an application but leave without completing it. Retargeting can help increase your conversion rate and bring more completed applications in the door.

Retargeting can also benefit candidates in the middle of the hiring process by keeping your brand in front of them as they browse the web, boosting employer branding and keeping engagement high.

5. Get More Out of Your Budget

Retargeting has become the darling of marketers everywhere because it works, and it’s cost-effective. Of any display advertising tool currently on the web, retargeting typically has the highest ROI.

Retargeting can help you focus your outreach on only the interested candidates, instead of serving ads all over the web. That means you can get more out of your recruitment marketing budget.


If you haven’t tested retargeting yet, the time is now. It can help you engage both passive and active candidates, get more applications in the door, and get more out of your budget. What are you waiting for?



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