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Marketing 2.0 – QR Codes and Mobile App Downloads

I see them everywhere I go. I spot them on my ride to work, both on subway billboards and train posters. They make appearances on business cards and company swag. I guarantee you’ll find them when sorting through your mail – on print ads, newspaper inserts, and in magazines. I spy with my little eye… a Quick Response (QR) code!

QR codes are two dimensional bar codes that can be read with smartphones enabled with a reader. When you scan the image of the QR code, information is delivered directly to you phone.  QR codes can link to text, websites, Facebook pages, video, contact information, and more. Through mobile devices, our hands hold a portal to a world of information. QR codes allow us to readily access that information.

According to a recent article in Ad Age, QR codes are a game changer. If that doesn’t convince you of their marketing potential, according to a TechCrunch article last week, eBay’s Barcode Scanning App RedLaser, which has QR code scanning capabilities, neared 9 million downloads, with 4,000 quick response scans per day. How does your company use QR codes in its marketing strategy?

Of course ReTargeter is utilizing this technology in an innovative way, while remaining one step ahead of the game. Why not merge the online computer-based and mobile worlds to get more downloads for your apps?

Here’s how it works:

  1. Someone goes to your webpage for your mobile app, like PageOnce or Spark My Phone.
  2. They then are ReTargeted – but instead of seeing normal ads, they see ads with a QR code. The ad is now interactive.
  3. Anyone with a camera phone and a reader application can then scan the image of the QR code and be directed to a page to download the app on their phone.

ReTargeter makes downloading apps as easy as pie for your target audience. In a world where we are reliant on electronic devices to make our lives easier, it makes sense to use QR codes to take us directly to the information we need, without the hassle. If you want to utilize that resource, ReTargeter can add it to your campaign, piece of cake.  Now that sounds like a sweet opportunity!



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