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Marketing 2.0 – Eventbrite + ReTargeter

Innovation and creativity are integral when it comes to leveraging new and exciting technology – and no one knows that better than ReTargeter!  In this Marketing 2.0 series blog, you will learn how ReTargeter technology intermingles with Eventbrite to create a service that can both monetize your event and make your sponsors happy.

Eventbrite allows users to manage, promote, and sell their event.  But why stop there?  ReTargeter allows you to do a number of things with the Eventbrite confirmation pages, so the festivities don’t end just because the purchase has been made.  More key advertising opportunities are invited to the party!

Allow me to break it down:

  1. You can track conversions from the Eventbrite ‘thank you’ pages, allowing you to accurately measure how powerful the ReTargeting solution has been at advertising your event.
  2. You can place another segment code on the same checkout page of the Eventbrite site, which will allow you to reach the ultimate audience – the individuals who have purchased a ticket to your event.  By tagging your attendees, you can continue to display ads and remind them of the upcoming event.
  3. Better yet, you can also sell these impressions to your sponsors who are looking to target and advertise to the same audience pool.  Your sponsors would essentially have the ability to stay in front of a qualified, targeted audience and can in turn increase their conversion rate.  Their ads will continue to run to ticketed users months after your initial event has come and gone.

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