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How Gist Used ReTargeter To Drive Conversions And Activation

Gist is a social contact manager that brings the latest news, status updates, and work details of your entire professional network all into one place. Founded in 2008, Gist’s marketing goals were to build market awareness and acquire new users while driving down the cost of acquiring each new customer. To accomplish this, Gist tests many different marketing channels, and works toward optimizing the ones that work for them.

Gist’s funnel is simple: drive relevant traffic to their website & various app marketplaces (Chrome, iTunes, etc.) with optimized landing pages to acquire customers. To drive the top of the funnel, Gist utilized various tactics including sponsored content, sponsored emails, promotions, and paid traffic sources. Building upon this were product capabilities designed to encourage users to share information and invite their friends and co-workers.

But while traditional display advertising took no part in their marketing mix, Gist turned to banner retargeting to help complement their initial traffic driving strategies. Retargeting was not only effective in driving conversions from return click-through visits, but retargeting’s Billboard Effect also helped increase Gist’s overall direct visits and traffic.

ReTargeter was a key factor in an 8.05% increase in direct visits and a 19.03% increase in overall site visits.

ReTargeter helped Gist’s overall marketing strategy by keeping our brand in front of the right people and driving down our cost of customer acquisition. Their service is smart, simple, and should be used by every startup.
– Robert Pease | VP of Marketing at Gist

Gist was acquired in 2011 by Research In Motion



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