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Emotional (Banner) Intelligence (and Steve Jobs “steals” a burrito!)

Are you connecting with your audience emotionally in your banner ads? Below are a few of the oldest known tools in persuasion and marketing. These can help you create a sense of identity and belonging in your brand.

  1. Leverage the power of Us vs. ThemBuilding a loyal fan base is key and this can be achieved by establishing an Us vs. Them feeling. Psychologist, Henri Tajfel, developed the theory of social identity, which suggests that people have an inherent tendency to identify with groups in such a way as to maximize positive distinctiveness (as published in Social categorization and intergroup behaviour). Growing up, we?ve all desired to be part of the cool crowd. Brands that act on this desire will appeal to their customers? need to belong, or even create disregard for other rival brands.

    In marketing, we see many great rivals: Pepsi vs. Coke, Boxers vs. Briefs and Ford vs. Chevrolet. Now answer this question ? are you a Mac or a PC? Or in other words, are you cool or a dork? We?ve all seen the commercial. Which side do you pledge allegiance to? Apple has been utilizing the Us vs. Them approach to their benefit for decades ? in 1984, their commercial introducing Macintosh, separated the lone, heroic woman from the mass of Orwellian mind-controlled drones.

  2. Create a perception of being the UnderdogEveryone loves an underdog (no, I don?t mean the lovable cartoon hero, although we do adore him too)…

    An example of this is Square vs. Cash. Cash is the ultimate form of payment. Meal stops in Chinatown render my plastic useless, as the majority of mom and pops businesses don?t have the resources to accept credit cards. What?s a girl to do with no (Robert) dinero? The underdog in this scenario is Square, which is a mobile device app that makes paying with a credit card possible for small business owners. Square makes payments easy by allowing anyone to accept credit cards and debit cards anywhere. A credit card reader simply plugs into an iPhone or iPad. As time progresses and technology continues to move quickly, cash may one day be a thing of the past, and on-the-go payments, while the underdog now, may someday day be the norm.

    Another example of creating the perception of being the underdog is ediscovery software vs. the old system of lawyers. eDiscovery is the process in which electronic data is used, with the purpose of utilizing it as evidence in a civil or criminal case. Because of digital data?s nature, investigating can be streamlined. Data can be searched electronically, making the process easier as compared to the traditional method of manually scrutinizing paper documents. In electronic discovery, different types of data can serve as evidence. eDiscovery is an evolving field ? again the underdog in civil litigation discovery, but a major player, nonetheless.

Try using these two techniques in your banner ads to get high CTRs. People are already familiar with your product, so make the emotional connection to hook them. We?ll help you get your ad?s message across. There?s no need to fear, ReTargeter is here!



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