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Email Retargeting Use Cases


Email remains one of the most important channels for marketers, with 77% of Internet users surveyed preferring email messages over any other form of communication. In fact, many people continue to open emails days, and even months, after it hits their inbox, which means every email you send matters. Despite the popularity of email, CTRs remain low so while people may be opening your emails, there is a large possibility they aren’t reading the content or taking the next step and coming to your site. This is where email retargeting comes in.

Email retargeting is a simple and effective way to supplement an email marketing campaign with display advertising and drastically improve the reach of your campaigns. According to this Teradata study, email combined with display outperforms email on its own, and contributes to a significant increase in website and landing page traffic.

Here are 4 popular email retargeting use cases:

Use Case #1: The abandoned shopping cart

Shopping cart abandonment is a persistent problem faced by all retailers, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the line. Abandonment is a signal for something having gone wrong along the way. Was it timing? Was it pricing? Was the person interrupted? Email retargeting provides retailers with the opportunity to get back in touch with abandoners and serve the display that will address their pains. An email can remind abandoners that they forgot to complete the checkout and display offering a lower price, free shipping, or a bundled package, for example, can encourage them to come back. With the right email retargeting strategy, shopping cart abandonment can become a part of the purchase funnel, instead of a lost opportunity.

Use Case #2: Limited time offers (Expiring Soon)

To keep your customers engaged via email, incentivizing your email list with exclusive and limited time offers is a tried and true technique. Your emails can serve as a first touch point to engage your email list. You can offer your best customers exclusive deals. You can provide early, exclusive access to your inventory, and offer additional discounts. ComScore has reported that 58% of online shoppers  would like to see free or discounted shopping. When you seek to re-engage your email list with retargeting, accompanied display can offer free shipping for a limited time, or the option to buy a 2nd item at a discount with free shipping. Exclusive, limited time offers highlight the value of being an email subscriber with your company, and display will encourage conversions.

Use Case #3: Upsell existing customers

Your email list probably consists of a variety of contacts. There may be loyal customers, one time customers, or people who signed up as a result of an event or promotion your company held. Retargeting allows for you to segment your campaigns and serve creatives that are geared toward a highly targeted audience, providing a huge, and often missed, opportunity for you to keep upsell-focused messaging in front of your existing customers. For example, based on a customer’s purchase history, there may be a complementary product that would be useful, or an additional package that makes sense. With email retargeting you can serve display that highlights the virtues of your product service, or of the next level up. We’ve found retargeting CTRs and conversion rates to be anywhere from 3-5% higher with upsells, as compared to standard site retargeting.

Use Case #4: Drive offline action

Often, marketers only consider display advertising to drive online actions. As it turns out, display can be highly effective in contributing to brick-and-mortar sales, and other offline actions. Local targeting has proven to be highly effective. More than 20% of searches conducted on Google are related to a specific location, and a significant % of these local searches will take action within a day. Email retargeting campaigns can capitalize on this intent by pointing email lists to a nearby physical location with geographical targeting. Display coupled with email can amplify your efforts across channels and entice your email list to take an offline action.


Any company currently engaged in email marketing will find email retargeting to be a valuable addition to their efforts. Supplementing email with display keeps your brand top of mind, promotes upsells by incentivizing existing customers. Segmenting your lists and your creatives will ensure you speak directly to your customers and prospects with messaging that resonates. Get the most out of your email marketing by adding email retargeting to your marketing mix.



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