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Creative Matters Pt II: 5 Elements Of A Successful Ad

Where did we leave off?

In our last Creative Matters segment, we discussed the benefits of having a successful creative campaign. We touched on Ad quality as a delicate issue. Ads that are too eye-catching may seem “spammy,” while ads that are too subtle will just go unnoticed. Your ads are an extension of your brand, and the quality of your ads do a lot to build brand trust. The goal of a display ad is to draw attention, create trust between your brand and the user, and ultimately have the user click through taking them to your desired destination.

Why should you make successful creatives

According to Wikipedia, “Advertising is a form of communication used to persuade an audience to take some action with respect to products, ideas, or services.” It is important to understand that simply putting an ad in front of an audience, in most cases, will not generate interest. Advertisements must generate a deeper level of engagement than just a quick glance. Uber creative advertisements like Volkswagen’s “Force” or Nike’s “MVPuppets” entertain users rather than educate and create a friendship between the brand and customer. While not as mainstream as a cable advertisement during the Superbowl, a great majority of companies undervalue their creatives in the direct ad and retargeted ad space. This ultimately leads to a lower result yielding campaign. The digital ad space is unique in that people frequently have negative connotations associated with display ads, so your ads have an uphill battle to fight right from the start. If your creatives don’t cut the mustard, you could be wasting ad spend on users who won’t notice your ads.

What are the signs of a poor creative

Poor performing creatives often have a lack of the following:

  • A lack of clear branding or logos for users to identify with and trust
  • Poor imagery, photography or attractive visual elements
  • Lacking vibrancy, color and a focal point for the users eye
  • No copy to explain the relevancy of the advertisement or inner meaning

How can you make your ads more successful?

    1. Keep it simple, stupid.

Think original iPod. A simple silloutte of someone dancing, with a white iPod on their hip. How powerful was that? Simple and concise artwork is easier for the eye to glance over. Having clear space, easily legible text and a simple tagline can allow users to grasp the “bottom line” of the ad faster and more easily. Having a simple element that adds direction to the ad can also help lead the users eye towards your call to action. The goal is to have the user understand what you are trying to tell them as quickly as possible. Eliminating overtext and useless images can streamline this.

    1. Triple the action!

A successful campaign always has a call-to-action. A call-to-action can be in the form of a button, an arrow, or a different element that you want the user to interact with. We find that having a more passive CTA can yield a higher click-through-rate. By not suggesting “Buy Now” or “Do This,” you are making more of a suggestion, rather than forcing a user to do something.

    1. Image is everything.

Utilizing great stock photography or photography of your product can enhance your branding and appeal. If you are a restaurant, having a juicy freshly cooked burger, frosty chocolate shake, and side of crispy hot salty fries (jeez I am hungry) gives users a reason to be drawn to your ad. By having an enticing image that directly relates to what you are advertising, you create a more direct connection between your brand and your user – ultimately increasing your chances the user will pause on your ad longer.

    1. Such a vibrant thing.

During it’s boom, McDonald’s restaurants invested quite a bit of time delving into the psychology of their market. They found that red, yellow and white could induce hunger in their customers. Perception of the user can be be influenced by the colors used in your ad. For some companies, subtle colors and pastel tones may be more on brand, but giving your ad vibrance through colors can also impact your CTR. If you have a subtle colorway, try adding a brighter accent color on your CTA or background. Maybe your market is a younger demographic – who responds more to fluorescent colors? Your ad should reflect this.

    1. These will be the best memories.

A great tagline goes a long way. Keeping your text simple and easy to understand can make a more powerful statement. Using humor, sarcasm, or other methods to generate a connection between the user and the ad on a personal level will make your ad harder to forget.

What’s up for next time?

In our next installment of Creative Matters, we will show you some examples of and reasoning behind several recent successful creatives. Tune in next time!



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