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Creative Matters Pt 1: Use Aesthetics To Build Trust In Advertising

While ReTargeting can keep your ads in front of your audience, it’s the actual quality of your ad that will grab your audience’s attention. Ad quality is a delicate issue: ads that are too eye-catching may seem “spammy,” while ads that are too subtle will just go unnoticed. Your ads are an extension of your brand, and the quality of your ads do a lot to build brand trust.

Unlike traditional advertisements in printed media, internet based display ads are not the primary focus of the users attention. While I search Google for the best picture of a fluffy puppy, or browse users on OKcupid, or read up on the latest iPad on GizModo, these ads enter into my range of vision from the corners of the website. While glancing at them only momentarily, they can still subconsciously make a lasting impression. In that very short time period that the user see’s the ad, it has to accomplish quite a few tasks.

At ReTargeter, we have found a direct correlation between aesthetically pleasing display ads and better ad performance. According to a research study conducted by Nielsen, commissioned by AdKeeper and WPP’s 24/7 Real Media, 57% of users are afraid that clicking an advertisement online will trigger spam. This study also indicated that 55% of users believe their computer will download a virus, and 54% simply have a general distrust of ads altogether. What we can gather from this is that advertisements must also engage a level of trust between the user and the company.

The aesthetics of your creative can have a significant impact on your CTR and ultimately, your ROI. Without professional, trustworthy and concise branding, your ad could actually be hurting your brand image. Engaging a level of trust between your audience and your brand is almost as important as attracting them to your ad in the first place. Don’t underestimate the design, color scheme and message of your creatives as they can play a huge role in the success of your campaign.

Next week, we will discuss several different areas that can help improve CTR throughout your creative campaign.

If you have any questions about how we can help your campaign improve, feel free to contact us. Our in house creative team can help you brand, strategize and design a campaign to maximize your CTR and ROI.



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