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A Case Study In Network Reach

Because of our inventory reach, we are able to provide the most cost effective retargeting solution available. Advertisers that work with ReTargeter enjoy access to dozens of the major ad networks and exchanges. This includes Google’s Doubleclick, Yahoo!’s Right Media, Microsoft AdECN, Fox Audience Exchange, OpenX, and AdBrite to name a few.

Based in Atlanta, Agency X provides interactive marketing services globally, with additional offices in Canada, Spain, France, Italy, and China. Their client, Company Y, is a consumer automotive auction aggregator, and utilized retargeting to increase their audience activation and drive more conversions.

Through Agency X, Company Y initially utilized Google Doubleclick’s Remarketing service, but wasn’t able to reach their CPC goal of $3.50.

Targeting: Site based Google remarketing

Inventory: Google Doubleclick

CPC: $4.00

Branding Value: Ads served on sites only across Google inventory

Targeting:Site Based ReTargeting, Creative ReTargeting, Email ReTargeting (via RTMail)

Inventory: Google’s Doubleclick, Yahoo!’s Right Media, Fox Audience Network, Microsoft AdECN, Admeld, Glam Media, AdBrite, OpenX, and more
eCPC: $3.29
Branding Value: Ads served on premium sites across dozens of inventory sources, giving an amplified brand value

Through Google Remarketing, Client Y only retargeted their website’s visitors at a less than optimal CPC. At the same volume, ReTargeter was able to offer additional targeting options, and delivered a much lower CPC.

While remarketing only targeted Client Y’s audience after leaving their website, ReTargeter was able to ReTarget Client Y’s website visitors, as well as visitors to specific websites and individuals who opened their email marketing campaign. Ultimately, this delivered a much more efficient spend.



Case Study: U of F MBA Program

University of Florida MBA Logo | ReTargeter

The University of Florida’s Hough School of Business has used ReTargeter to keep their messages in front of prospective students. In two months, they were able to serve 3.3 million impressions, receiving a 0.31% click-through rate. Nathan Lowery of Lipof, the ad agency that handles the University of Florida’s marketing, has found retargeting to be […]

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