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Case Study: Hireology

Hireology | ReTargeter

“HR professionals see our ads, and it doesn’t necessarily click in their mind that it’s retargeting. We find that retargeting can be a subtle way to put your brand in front of someone who’s in the research stage, reinforce your brand identity, and help them connect the dots when they’re ready to buy.” — Erin Wasson | Director of Marketing | Hireology —

Hireology is an HR software provider that helps companies make smarter hiring decisions. By analyzing the traits of high performing employees, Hireology can help companies find candidates that are more likely to succeed in the long term.

To reach the elusive HR buyer, Hireology primarily relies upon content marketing to drive inbound interest. The content team regularly puts out blogs, infographics, and ebooks. Traditionally, the HR industry has tended toward being conservative. Hireology stands out by producing fun, unique, and interesting content with a strong focus on great design.

“Retargeting makes us look a lot bigger than we are. It helps get people comfortable and familiar with our brand. For the price we pay, it’s a great way to get our name out there in front of everyone. When someone’s on a big website and they see our ad, it creates a positive association that really helps build confidence in our brand.” Erin Borgerson | Marketing Coordinator

Hireology’s content has helped establish their brand, and organic search is one of their top traffic drivers. Content gets people to their site, but Hireology is focused on creating content that’s educational, not self-promotional. That’s where retargeting comes in. If someone comes to the Hireology blog simply to be educated, they’ll be served retargeted ads all over the web. This way, the content can focus on being educational and entertaining, and retargeting can do the selling.

Hireology also uses email retargeting to stay in front of prospective clients. If someone downloads a white paper or an ebook, they’ll be enrolled in an email nurture campaign. Email retargeting adds a sales approach that helps push people further down the funnel, allowing the marketing team to focus on creating great content.

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