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Banners, Landing Pages and the Pursuit of Happiness

Humans are always looking for happiness, and for good reason. Of course, happiness doesn’t just consist of the usual suspects: laughter, chocolate and love—although one can argue a case! We naturally seek happiness of our own definition. Happiness causes biochemical changes in the brain that, in turn, have profoundly positive effects on the body’s physiology.

In Ted Leonsis’ book, The Business of Happiness, he provides his philosophies for success and shares insight on what makes people happy. With that in mind, why shouldn’t your ads lead to happiness? After all, you want your product to be what people are in pursuit of! Make sure your banners, landing pages and products address at least one of the following key happiness drivers:

    1. Does it make someone an active participant in a community?

Happy people are involved in more than one community. They have multiple interests and groups that where they are involved and where they contribute.

    1. Does it allow for someone to share and be self-expressive?

Happy people have high levels of self-expression in which they can share their feelings and ideas.

    1. Does it allow your client to become more empathetic or empathize with their needs? Does the process show empathy?

Happy people show personal empathy. (This is a also a trait of many great leaders).

    1. Does it show that you are focused on a longer-term relationship—exhibit more “we” and less “I?”

Happy people talk less about “I” and more about the collective.

    1. Does it drive towards a higher calling?

Happy people have a higher calling in everything they do. They work for a mission and strive to make an impact.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself.”

At ReTargeter, we can help you and your clients “catch it” by creating and running an ad that addresses one or all of the five questions above.

How do you make your clients happy?



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