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A Moment of Zen for the Banner Ad — May’s Big Winner

Last month, we chose ReTargeter’s first-ever banner ad of the month winner, Dollar Days. The winner’s ad was chosen based on its high Click Through Rate (CTR) and its overall campaign performance. This month, another metric is being used that is powerful in determining the success of a ReTargeting campaign.

When using ReTargeter, having a strong Return On Investment (ROI) is crucial in determining how your company moves forward with its marketing strategies. This month’s winner has been chosen based on this metric. The winner for the best ReTargeting banner ad for the month of May is Zendesk.

So why has Zendesk’s banner ad produced such a high ROI?

  • Image: Who wouldn’t love Zendesk’s Buddha-like character – overweight and half-naked, and smiling so big, you can’t help but be reassured that everything’s going to be okay.Equipped with a wireless headset, he looks ready, willing, and more than happy to support customers.
  • Background Color: The background shade of olive green exhibits a playfulness and sense of lightheartedness that fits Zendesk’s aura.It’s a company that believes help desk support doesn’t have to be complicated and the use of vibrant colors are in line with this message.The bold green color also allows the white of the font to not fade into the background and the plainness of the text lets you know that Zendesk is all about simplicity.The company name, logo, and catchphrase are clear and easy to see.The sunlight behind the meditating character brings light to the background color as well.
  • Catchy Phrase: Sometimes customer support equals questions, complaints and stress.According to this ad campaign, nope, not with Zendesk .“Painless Customer Support?”Yes, please!The Call to Actionbutton, “Instant Karma – Try Now,” emphasizes the theme and adds to the peace you’ll experience by usingZendesk.This ad makes me want to start on the journey to customer support enlightenment…

Stay tuned for next month’s best ReTargeting banner ad of the month!



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