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Arjun Of ReTargeter Is Interviewed on The Business Makers Radio Show

Arjun Dev Arora (President of ReTargeter) was recently interviewed on The Business Makers Show. Here is the summary and a link to the audio:

Arjun Arora is a third generation entrepreneur and always knew he would start his own business. After taking classes in entrepreneurism at UC Berkeley, Arora tried several jobs before he took the leap. Russ visits with the founder of Retargeter, an Internet advertising company that works by “tagging” visitors to a Web site, then following them around on the Internet and presenting ads after they leave the site. This makes for a very focused effort, giving customers a chance to see ads for the sites they just visited. Arora launched his company in April and, one month later, has advertisers and is cash-flow positive.

Interview with Arjun Dev Arora of ReTargeter



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