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Reach Holiday Shoppers with Advanced Retargeting Tools

This holiday season, more shoppers will check off their shopping lists online than ever before. Online retailers are ramping up their digital marketing efforts to make the most out of the holiday season.   Many will be using retargeting as part of a digital strategy, and if you are, you should consider incorporating advanced retargeting techniques to make sure you stand out from the pack.

Dynamic retargeting allows you to serve ads featuring products shoppers are most likely to be interested in, and Facebook retargeting has opened up the most popular social network to retargeting. CRM retargeting, which allows you to target display ads with nothing but an email or mailing address, can help you expand your retargeting pool. These three advanced retargeting tools can help increase your online advertising ROI and ensure that you have a happy holiday season.

Show Shoppers What They Want

As more stores move online to engage consumers, online retailers must look for ways to differentiate themselves. Providing a unique, personalized buying experience for your site’s users is one way to do just that. Dynamic retargeting is a highly effective form of retargeting that allows you to serve personalized ads to users based on how they engaged with the products on your site. Dynamic campaigns automatically generate ads for the products your users engaged with, creating a more relevant ad that’’s  often more likely to be clicked. For example, an online toy store using dynamic retargeting can show me ads featuring the five popular toys that I looked at when shopping for my niece, increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

For those who have gone online to shop around for the best prices, dynamic ads will help keep your products top of mind, reminding users to come back to your store to complete their purchases. If someone placed an item in a shopping cart but navigated away without buying anything, serving ads featuring the products they abandoned can remind them to come back and check out.

Reach Holiday Shoppers on Facebook

The recently launched Facebook Exchange (FBX) has, for the first time, brought retargeting to Facebook. With one billion users spending 15% of their online time within the social network, Facebook is one of the most popular destinations on the web.  Now, you can reach your most qualified prospects here.

In addition to a large, highly engaged audience, Facebook has an enormous amount of ad space—accounting for 28% of all display inventory online. As such, FBX provides marketers with nearly unlimited opportunities to reach bounced traffic.

Adding Facebook retargeting to your marketing mix can increase the opportunities for engagement and help drive sales. When paired with a retargeting campaign across the other display networks, Facebook retargeting can ensure that you stay in touch with your audience no matter where they browse online.

Bring Old Customers Back with CRM Retargeting

Both dynamic and Facebook retargeting can help increase sales by focusing your online ads, but as powerful as these tools are, neither can help you reach shoppers who have not recently visited your site. If you’re like many retailers, 20-40% of the holiday shoppers who buy from your store won’’t return until next holiday season. Engaging previous customers offline with catalogs and online through promotional emails can help you drive holiday sales and stay top of mind after the holiday season. Unfortunately, not all emails are opened, and you can never guarantee that your catalogs are ever browsed. CRM retargeting can supplement those efforts and help you get back in front of people who aren’’t engaging. With nothing more than an email or mailing address, you can serve highly relevant display ads to everyone on your list, even if they haven’t engaged with you since last winter.

According to an Oracle study, only 59% of catalog recipients ever make purchases directly from the catalog. Using CRM retargeting, you can supplement a catalog campaign with online ads that mirror your catalog’s content or clients’ purchase history. CRM retargeting is also a great way to engage shoppers who have made a one-time purchase or signed up for email notifications but never engage with your emails. You can now show this previously unreachable audience display ads, reaching across channels to bring them back into your marketing funnel.

Make Your Marketing List, Check It Twice

In preparation for the biggest online shopping season in history, you may want to add some advanced retargeting techniques into your current marketing strategy. Any combination of dynamic, Facebook, and CRM retargeting can help you deliver more relevant ads to a larger, more qualified audience.



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