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3 Tactics to Battle Shopping Cart Abandonment

A recent study done by Forrester Research shows that “88% of web buyers say that they have abandoned an online shopping cart without completing a transaction.” 88%!? That’s a lot of people adding items to their cart, and numbers like this can be very frustrating for an online retailer.

Well it’s time to stop letting shopping cart abandonment have the upper hand.Here are three basic elements that can be improved to reduce your shopping cart abandonment.

    • Design – Poor design can greatly hurt the purchase experience for the consumer.Here are a few quick design tweaks that can help the overall process:

– Having a progress indicator on each checkout page

– Add thumbnails of each product within the shopping cart

– Make the ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’ buttons blatantly obvious

  • ReTargeting – Using retargeting to bring users back to your website is a great way to battle shopping cart abandonment.This technology can show a brand’s ads solely to people who have committed shopping cart abandonment, encouraging them to go back and complete their purchase.When those darned shopping cart abandoners visit sites like Yahoo! or YouTube, and see an ad for your store, they’re gently reminded of all of the cool stuff and great prices that you offer.
  • Follow-Up – As many sales people know, following-up is one of the most important sales tactics.If someone has submitted their contact information, but didn’t complete the purchase, send that person an email reminder of their pending purchase!

So what are you waiting for?It’s time to stop losing sales and to start winning the battle against shopping cart abandonment.



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